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Problem with docker-comose up in windows 10 – "unexpected character "x00" in variable name near"

Im trying to make the command docker-compase up to lift up the project but it throw this error: unexpected character "x00" in variable name near "xffxfeSx00Tx00Rx00Ix00Px00Ex00_x00Sx00Ex00Cx00Rx00Ex00Tx00=x00Tx00hx00ex00Sx00tx00rx00ix00px00ex00Sx00ex00cx00rx00ex00tx00rx00nx00" Im using Windows 10. And the project is working fine because is used to have this project in my other computer that is a mac and in that is […]

By MrPeewi
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Docker file path flexibility for roaming profile?

So I have my docker test environment working beautifully on my local machine. Our IT department wants to get roaming profiles set-up for certain Windows users that will back up our desktop and documents folders, thus allowing us to jump right back into working no matter what computer we are at in the building. I […]

Poor network performance in Docker WSL2 MQTT

I created a docker based on Mosquitto in Win10. From an application running on host OS, I communicate with that broker sending high speed and high size messages. I observed that the ethernet communication is approssimatively 10x times slower in win than equivalent structure in Ubuntu 20.04. There is a reason for that? Is it […]

By Enrico Beltramo
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Cannot run docker container in windows server 2019

Cannot run docker container in windows server 2019 vmware. It was error response from daemon docker container run hostname docker: Error response from daemon: container bb81979fe2974f59031e56e062f1b08f1ad6fdaa57ec57965c316563f384da59 encountered an error during hcsshim::System::Start: context deadline exceeded. Source: Docker Questions

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How do I set the "mounts" option in the "create_host_config" to mount a Windows UNC path (or lettered path) network drive within the Docker SDK?

Any and all help appreciated! I’m specifically trying to use the DockerRun flow configuration within a Prefect flow. The DockerRun flow config uses "create_host_config" of the python Docker SDK. If I mount a local path, the Docker Agent has no problem binding and reading/writing to the path. However, when I pass a network path, I […]

By user8359348
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Docker container: mount plugged devices on Windows

Running a container on Linux: $ docker run -it –name damastes –rm –mount type=bind,source="$HOME"/,target=/enjoy –mount type=bind,source=/run/media,target=/run/media,bind-propagation=shared -w /enjoy damastes:latest docker-compose.yml: services: damastes: image: damastes:latest volumes: – type: bind source: $HOME target: /enjoy – type: bind source: /run/media target: /run/media bind: propagation: shared working_dir: /enjoy Can’t even start to guess how the second mount should look […]

By Alexey Orlov
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Docker MinIO entrypoint

I have this project which was initially set up on Mac, I’m on Windows, it’s a Docker project which runs Node, Kafka and a few other containers, one of them being MinIO. Everything works as intended except MinIO, I get the following error: createbuckets_1 | /bin/sh: nc: command not found Entrypoint: /bin/sh -c " while […]

By Mad SQL
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How to view update history of an application installed on Windows? [closed]

I have an application installed on my Windows 10 machine. There’s been some updates on that application since it’s been installed. I’m now looking to see when’s this application been updated– the history of it. Is there a way to do this? Google shows all Windows’ own update history, but this isn’t even a Microsoft […]

By ash 999
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curl : Cannot find drive. A drive with the name ‘https’ does not – Laravel Sail [duplicate]

I have set up windows with Docker, WSL 2 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS When I run windows terminal curl -s "" | bash I received the following error: cmdlet Invoke-WebRequest at command pipeline position 1 Supply values for the following parameters: Uri: curl : Cannot find drive. A drive with the name ‘https’ does not […]

By Graham Morby
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DotNet 6 fails to run in a Windows container: Permission denied

I am not familiar with Windows containers, and I am getting this error when trying to debug a hello-world DotNet 6 application in VS2022: Cannot use file stream for [C:appbinDebugnet6.0WebApplication5.runtimeconfig.json]: Permission denied Invalid runtimeconfig.json [C:appbinDebugnet6.0WebApplication5.runtimeconfig.json] [] The target process exited without raising a CoreCLR started event. Ensure that the target process is configured to use […]

By Carlos Garcia
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