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Unable to run Spring Boot App WAR file with Docker container

I am trying to run Spring boot application WAR file with MySQL container in a custom network. I am using spotify maven plugin for creating image upon application build-up. Application is getting build, app. image created, tomcat server is starting but receiving 404 on hitting app url .Below are the insights of files: Docker File: […]

By Ash
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How to dockerize the resources directory

I’m writing a Java + Spring Boot + Gradle application. I want to dockerize it, and I want to include the whole resources directory in the container. Including only the application.yml file is not enough. My structure looks like this /src  /main    /java    /resources       application.yml      create.sql     data.sql The two SQL files are […]

By tony
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Dockerfile Java Spring Boot – how to add folder for logs

I want to dockerize my spring boot app. In app main folder i have folder for logs: (spring app main folder)/data/log/zocbot/ In my log4j2.xml i have: <Properties> <Property name="logDirectory">./data/log/zocbot/</Property> <Property name="logDirectoryArch">./data/log/arch/zocbot/</Property> <Property name="logFileNameMain">bot-main</Property> </Properties> And i try with Dockerfile: FROM azul/zulu-openjdk-alpine:11 RUN addgroup -S spring && adduser -S spring -G spring ADD ./data/log/zocbot/ /log/ #VOLUME […]

By Pawel W
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Use AWS with Docker: Unable to find a region via the region provider chain

I have a spring boot application that uses the AWS SQS and S3 service for the business requirements which works fine locally. We have defined the AmazonS3 bean as follow, for authentication it uses the config and credentials file from the .aws folder which gets created using the aws configure command and we are not […]

How do I connect to local oracle database from a project that is in a Docker container?

I have a rest api mounted on Springboot, and this is inside a docker container, the issue is that I want to connect to my local database, but it does not connect me, if someone knows what I can do, I appreciate it docker-compose.yml version: "3.7" services: app: image: "bm_spring_boot:latest" build: context: ./BmApiRestV2/ dockerfile: Dockerfile […]

By DaxTter77
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Unable to connect to SFTP in Java

I am trying to connect to an SFTP server that I created using Docker. When I connect via FileZilla everything is fine. FileZilla connect logs: logs after connecting from FileZilla: Accepted password for user from port 54200 ssh2 However, when I try to use the JSch library through Jave, it gives me the error […]

By justAquestion
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Traefik redirect issue for different origin

I have a spring boot web app (JSP) running inside a container. I have used traefik as a reverse proxy and also for load balancing. Currently, my application is accessible when I directly access it using the traefik URL ( But I have a different gateway application( and when I open this URL from the […]

By Deepak Sharma
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After a few days, the Java application stops working

I am writing a pet application in Java. Spring database Web. I place all this on the server in separate docker containers. The database is created in the docker-compose file postgres-content: image: postgres:14.1 container_name: content_db-v01 restart: unless-stopped ports: – "5532:5432" environment: – POSTGRES_USER=user – POSTGRES_PASSWORD=***** volumes: – /home/my-db/content_db:/var/first-prj/data/content – ./sql/create_db_catalog.sql:/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/create_db_catalog.sql I use liquibase to create […]

By alex
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Deploying spring boot to PCF with docker using multiple property files

We are switching the deployment of our spring boot app to PCF (Pivotal cloud foundry) from using build packs, to using docker instead. We have multiple property files: application.yml application-it.yml application-qa.yml … application.yml contains the base configuration for all of the environments. In environment specific property files (it, qa), we overwrite some of those values. […]

By bvlasonjic
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Unrecognized method names crashing springboot sites

I have several sites built with springs boot and deployed on EC2 Instances with Docker. After a certain amount of time all of these sites go down. When I check the Docker container logs I see IllegalArgumentExceptions like this one with long cryptic looking method names. Any idea what could be causing this? The deployment […]

By dassoop
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