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Is there way to run ros kinetic docker in AWS robomakers?

I’m searching for multi robot simulation. In current I’m using docker/ROS(kinetic). But.. AWS doesn’t support ROS kinetic & gazebo 7. Is there way to connect ROS kinetic docker in AWS robomakers? or If have a simulator that can run multi robot simulation in cloud environment, Please recommend it? Source: Docker Questions

I can not connect my Mbed Simulator to my TTN end device, I am using docker

I am trying to connect my Mbed Simulator to my applications end device on The Things Network. I am using the LoRaWaN simulator and entered the correct EUI’s applicable. Proof of EUI id applied When I try to run the simulator, I never seem to get a connection to my TTN device. All it says […]

By Simon Nordstrand
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not able to run carla docker container

I am trying to run the carla simualator as a docker container using the below link. I have installed docker 19.03, Nvidia drivers 450 and nvidia-docker2 in an azure Ubuntu 18.04 machine and it has 16Gb graphics card. But when I am trying to create a container with latest carla image(carlasim/carla) it is throwing […]

By Aravinda
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