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pg_featureserv use custom config file from docker run

Im trying to spin up a docker image of pg_featureserv and use a local config file but I am having no luck with it. following this guide for it My command sudo docker run -e DATABASE_URL=myconnection -e config=/home/name/Documents/freelance_map/map/pg_featureserv.toml -p 9000:9000 pramsey/pg_featureserv it starts up but it reads from the default config time="2022-01-15T04:02:19Z" level=info msg="—- […]

By ziggy
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Docker-compose and connection problem between services

First of all, i know this is a terrible docker-compose file, but is small version of something that I want to ask. I have a service (api) that needs to connect with a different database, I MUST run this database on different (not 5432) version: "3.9" services: api: image: ubuntu:latest command: bash -c "sleep 10;apt-get […]

Install Postrouting in docker postgis-postgresql container

I created a postgis database with docker using the postgis image as usual docker run -d –name mypostgres -p 5555:5432 -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgres -v /data/postgres/data:/var/lib/postgresql/data -v /data/postgres/lib:/usr/lib/postgresql/10/lib postgis/postgis:10-3.0 now I can see all extensiones in the database,it has postgis, it’s ok. but not have postrouting. so I pull another image: docker pull pgrouting/pgrouting:11-3.1-3.1.3 and do the […]

By kk kk
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Backend docker image does not wait until db becomes available

I am trying to docker-compose up my containers, one for backend and another one for the database (postgis). If I docker-compose up db, I see db_1 | 2021-11-23 10:36:02.123 UTC [1] LOG: database system is ready to accept connections, so, it works. But if I docker-compose up the whole project, I get django.db.utils.OperationalError: could not […]

GeoDjango with Docker error: ‘DatabaseOperations’ object has no attribute ‘geo_db_type’

This appears to be a common error, and I have checked all the solutions I could find (there are only about 4 and almost all of them involve misconfigurations). I am NOT using heroku, but I AM using docker. I am using the docker images python:3.9.7 and postgis/postgis:10-3.1-alpine. My Dockerfile contains the following line: ARG […]

By Skaman Sam
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Docker – Add postgis to my docker container

I have a container who is a postgres server, I would like to add postgis to this container? (Or create a new postgis and postgress container from the terminal and set all the parameter of the database: Database_name, Username, Password, …) How to do this with terminal (I’m Mac user) Source: Docker Questions

By Mickael Belhassen
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Run PostgreSQL 13.3 + PostGIS 3.2 on Raspberry Pi OS (arm32v7) as Docker container

I need to run PostgreSQL 13.3 + PostGIS 3.x on Raspberry Pi OS (Raspberry PI 3+/4) via Docker. The used architecture is arm32v7. On amd64 (and probably arm64 as well), this is no issue – the Docker hub image postgis/postgis:13-3.1 works out of the box. But for arm32v7, all official (and unofficial) Docker images fail […]

Docker and Postgis – How do I access shp2pgsql inside my docker container?

I am running postgres in a docker container using docker-compose and it spins up with no issue and I am able to connect to the database. But now I want to go into the container and execute the postgis shp2pgsql to load a shape file but the command seems to be nonexistent. Below is my […]

By LoF10
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Could not connect to a remote PostgreSQL database from a local docker container through an SSH tunnel; connection timed out

Based on this answer: I launched a PostGIS docker container on my Ubuntu 18.04 machine to connect to a remote PostgreSQL database through an SSH tunnel. Let’s assume the PostgreSQL port on the remote is the default 5432, the SSH tunnel was mapped to my local 5433 as: ssh -f -N <[email protected]> -L 5433: […]

OSError: libgdal.dylib: cannot open file

The problem is: Docker doesn’t run properly because of OSError: /opt/homebrew/Cellar/gdal/3.3.0_2/lib/libgdal.dylib: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. My current task is just to add GeoDjango to my existing Django dockerized project, with PostGIS database.  I installed postgis image with postgis/postgis. I Butguess something went wrong because of the incorrect gdal installation. […]

By kokserek
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