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Stop all container’s with specific string in name using PODMAN

I have to stop all container’s with specific string in name. For example there is 4 container’s with name’s : apache1 apache2 apache3 jboos I try to stop only this with "apache" in the name. Is there any native way in PODMAN to stop all containers with a specific name? I can list the containers […]

By CbrChannel
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How is Podman different from Docker?

I know that Docker and Kubernetes solve the same problem. Most users can simply alias Docker to Podman (alias docker=podman) without any problems. So what is the difference between them? Source: Docker Questions

By Vector
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Why does nested use of environment variable in Dockerfile/Containerfile produce default value?

I have the following Dockerfile/Containerfile: FROM ubuntu:20.04 ENV FOO=${FOO:-AAA} ENV BAR="TEST_${FOO}_TEST" CMD env I then do podman build -t my_test . podman run –env FOO="BBB" my_test and get this output: HOSTNAME=18ef4858c3b2 HOME=/root container=podman TERM=xterm PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin BAR=TEST_AAA_TEST FOO=BBB PWD=/ One clearly sees how the default value AAA for variable FOO was replaced by the provided value […]

By Joerg
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Getting permission denied while connecting to /var/run/docker.sock

I am trying to use watchtower container ( in RHEL 8.0 using podman. Since docker is not officially supported by RHEL 8.0, I have not installed docker-engine in this VM. I have started podman.socket service and podman.sock is located on /run/podman/podman.sock When I give podman-compose up -d command all the other containers start successfully without […]

By Jainam
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Experiments with Podman-compose hanging

I have a rather simple docker-compose file (One Mongo Service, one test service): version: "3.7" services: mongo: image: container_name: mongo environment: – MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_USERNAME=root – MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_PASSWORD=example test: build: context: ./.. dockerfile: ./tests/Dockerfile image: antarctic_test volumes: – ./../tests/:/project/tests:ro – ./../xxx/:/project/xxx:ro depends_on: – mongo command: > poetry run pytest # should I kill mongo service explicitly here. […]

By tschm
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Podman/Buildah Install/Use cling-xeus

I am trying to get xeus-cling to work on a OCI image, currently I am using buildah + podman. I run into two problems I try to create an environment with mamba/conda, however it needs conda/mamba init bash too run then to restart the shell. But its hard to get it to restart while its […]

By The Floating Brain
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How do I access a db container when using podman-compose?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to connect to a mariadb container while using podman-compose and I keep getting an error. Here’s what I’ve done: Software Versions podman version = 3.3.1 docker-compose version = podman-compose-0.1.7-2.git20201120.el8.noarch` docker-compose.yml version: ‘3’ services: db: image: mariadb:latest environment: MARIADB_USER: user MARIADB_PASSWORD: pass MARIADB_DATABASE: testdb MARIADB_ROOT_PASSWORD: rootpass volumes: – db_data:/var/lib/mysql […]

By user2470057
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Access private docker registry with podman on MacOS with SSH keys

I’m trying to switch from Docker to Podman on MacOS, but I have a problem reaching the company’s image registry with it. To access it I need to use SSH keys. If I run podman pull I get the following error: Error: initializing source docker:// pinging container registry Get "": x509: certificate signed by […]

By Djent
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How do communicate podman from server1 to podman from server2

I am currently designing a podman architecture, if I have 2 vm system with podman support. how can I communicate each other via cni network? Should I either use network=host or published all expose port approaches, or am I missing out of some podman feature ?? Giving an illustration below, how can a pod1 service […]

By taymedee
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How to use podman’s ssh build flag?

I have been using the docker build –ssh flag to give builds access to my keys from ssh-agent. When I try the same thing with podman it does not work. I am working on macOS Monterey 12.0.1. Intel chip. This is an example Dockerfile: FROM python:3.10 RUN mkdir -p -m 0600 ~/.ssh && ssh-keyscan […]

By Ruairi O Brien
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