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Elasticsearch: how to make snapshot to minio s3?

when i am trying to make snapshots to my s3 (minio deployed locally), by executing the following command inside my elasticsearch docker container: curl -X PUT "localhost:9200/_snapshot/s3_repository/snapshot_1?wait_for_completion=true&pretty" i got the following : { "error" : { "root_cause" : [ { "type" : "repository_exception", "reason" : "[s3_repository] Could not determine repository generation from root blobs" } […]

By Mohamed
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Dockerized Minio not accepting files

I would like to use Minio locally to replicate an S3 like storage. Installed through docker : sudo docker run -p 9000:9000 -p 9001:9001 –name minio1 -v ~/minio/data:/data -e "MINIO_ROOT_USER=storage" -e "MINIO_ROOT_PASSWORD=my_password" –restart always server /data –console-address ":9001" When pinging: I am redirected to the Minio console where I can create buckets etc […]

By Maxence
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Cannot open Minio in browser after dockerizing it in Spring Boot App

I have a problem in opening minio in the browser. I just created Spring Boot app with the usage of it. Here is my application.yaml file shown below. server: port: 8085 spring: application: name: springboot-minio minio: endpoint: port: 9000 accessKey: minioadmin #Login Account secretKey: minioadmin # Login Password secure: false bucket-name: commons # Bucket […]

By Tony Brand
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Docker Issue : Cannot run the container (repository does not exist or may require ‘docker login’)

After I devise a Spring Boot project with the usage of MinIo, I tried to run it in Docker but I have an issue. Here is my docker-compose.yaml file version: ‘3.8’ services: minio: image: minio/minio:latest container_name: minio environment: MINIO_ACCESS_KEY: "minioadmin" MINIO_SECRET_KEY: "minioadmin" volumes: – ./data:/data ports: – 9000:9000 – 9001:9001 I firstly run this command […]

By Tony Brand
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Error with setting up minIO in docker-compose: <ERROR> Unable to initialize new alias from the provided credentials

I have trouble with setting up minIO in my docker-compose. I found this problem on several websites and tried to make it work. But I failed 😀 Anyway, if anyone is able to help me I will call him my personal hero. Here is my code: # docker-compose.yml minio: container_name: minio image: minio/minio ports: – […]

Docker MinIO entrypoint

I have this project which was initially set up on Mac, I’m on Windows, it’s a Docker project which runs Node, Kafka and a few other containers, one of them being MinIO. Everything works as intended except MinIO, I get the following error: createbuckets_1 | /bin/sh: nc: command not found Entrypoint: /bin/sh -c " while […]

By Mad SQL
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MinIO cluster on different hosts by Docker

Many post, forums and video has been checked, but I didn’t see any solution. I would like to build a MinIO Cluster with 4 different hosts with docker-compose. Is there any solution? Recent error message: API: SYSTEM() Time: 13:26:13 UTC 11/23/2021 Error: Read failed. Insufficient number of disks online (*errors.errorString) 5: cmd/prepare-storage.go:268:cmd.connectLoadInitFormats() 4: cmd/prepare-storage.go:317:cmd.waitForFormatErasure() 3: […]

By zeerk
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How integrate MinIO with Keyclaok using docker-compose?

I am trying to launch MinIO integrated with Keycloak with this docker-compose: version: ‘3.9’ services: postgres: image: ‘postgres:alpine’ volumes: – ./keycloak-db:/var/lib/postgresql/data restart: ‘always’ # ports: # – 5432:5432 environment: POSTGRES_USER: keycloak POSTGRES_PASSWORD: password POSTGRES_DB: keycloak POSTGRES_HOST: postgres traefik: image: library/traefik:alpine container_name: traefik volumes: – /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock command: > –logLevel=ERROR –api.dashboard –docker –entrypoints="Name:http Address::80" –defaultentrypoints="http" ports: – […]

By Kambei
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Get the object from minio server without passing extra data into the URL

I’m working on an app and I upload photos to the minio server. I want to access them from the frontend and I cannot simply write a location of the object in the url because it returns an XML response that says "Access denied.", so I have to pass the access key as a url […]

By Jakub Klimek
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MLflow S3UploadFailedError: Failed to upload

I’ve created with docker a MinioS3 artifact storage and a mysql bakend storage using the next docker-compose: version: ‘3.8’ services: db: environment: – MYSQL_DATABASE=${MYSQL_DATABASE} – MYSQL_USER=${MYSQL_USER} – MYSQL_PASSWORD=${MYSQL_PASSWORD} – MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=${MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD} expose: – ‘3306’ volumes: – ‘(path)/server_backend:/var/lib/mysql ‘ image: ‘mysql’ container_name: db storage: environment: – MINIO_ACCESS_KEY=${MINIO_USR} – MINIO_SECRET_KEY=${MINIO_PASS} expose: – ‘9000’ ports: – ‘9000:9000’ depends_on: – […]

By Fernando Ca izares Romero
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