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Google Cloud Run – Executing background job with always-allocated CPU

I have a web app and a background worker service running in Cloud Run. The main app calls the background worker which is essentially just an rq worker wrapped in a thin Flask app to adhere to the runtime contract. The rq worker is spawned via subprocess.Popen. I do not block the main thread with […]

Stream ‘docker kakfa’ mysql logs into Google Pub/sub

Im trying to replicate the tutorial of debezium. Im running a ubuntu vm and installed docker.Instead of the default mysql database and table,can I use my own mysql database,I’m trying to locally import the csv file into the running docker mysql after importing file.And changing secure file priv in my.cnf file.(I even tried to […]

GCP Error starting new instance from template

I have been using GCP for some time now, creating VM’s with Docker images with no problems… Today I wanted to start a new account and start a GCE VM with my personal Docker Image, the service is failing to start the container: "Error restarting service: Failed to try-restart nscd.service: Unit nscd.service not found. ." […]

Cloud run cant deploy from Dockerfile from a sample github code

I am deploying a containerized application (go frontend) from here I am using the Dockerfile with just modifying line 40 of the Dockerfile as ENV GOTRACEBACK=single,PORT=8080 now i build the container image by using the docker build -t frontendapp . then deploy to google cloud run as gcloud run deploy onlinefrontendapp –image <containerimageurl> However after […]

Error : Cloud Run error: Container failed to start. Stop Execution of Container/Cloud Run once execution of Python is done

My requirement is to stop the execution of Cloud run/container once the execution of python code is complete. The task is to fetch files from Cloud Storage, process them and then export them back to cloud storage. I am able to complete the task successfully. But the cloud build is ending with below error. "deploy-to-cloud-run": […]

How to extract list of docker images inside GCP artifact registry

I want to list all the repositories inside GCP artifact registry in golang. Current code : c, err := artifactregistry.NewClient(ctx, option.WithCredentialsFile("<service account json>")) if err != nil { // no error here } defer c.Close() req := &artifactregistrypb.ListRepositoriesRequest{ Parent: "<project-id>", } it := c.ListRepositories(ctx, req) for { resp, err := it.Next() if err == nil […]

By Keval Bhogayata
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DNS google cloud VM instance and docker

I have a Google Cloud VM instance. In the isntance, I downloaded docker and duckdns. In my DuckDNS service I can see the file I uploaded in the isntance. ( var/www/index.html). Now I have a backend program, so I don’t have an index.html. I run the program by running the java file. How can I […]

By iuatsj
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Terraform recreate Kubernetes deployment when docker images tag updates

I have different git repos for microservice A,B,C. Also one git repo where the terraform config is stored. When one microservice’s code changes a pipeline is triggered and the docker image is published to the google cloud artifact registry. I then manually run terraform apply. My terraform files specify a kubernetes deployment for each service. […]

Cloud Run: Still failed to start after following documentation

I have a cloud run instance that I am trying to call. In my insomnia client, I get the following error msg: upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers. reset reason: connection termination So naturally, I looked at the logs: 2022-01-15T12:45:14.129703772Zterminated: Application failed to start: not available Default 2022-01-15T12:45:15.827887Z[2022-01-15 12:45:15 +0000] [1] [INFO] Handling signal: […]

Repeating Executions of Docker Containers of GCP Cloud Run for many values of runtime arguments

Suppose that I have a docker container that I can run as follows. docker run –rm my_container_name:latest python –arg_str ${STR} –arg_int ${INT} –arg_json ${FILE_NAME}.json arg_str, arg_int, arg_json are python’s args. For each execution of GCP could runs, different values are set to these three args. For each id of runs, I have the following schedules […]

By atsu3110
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