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When building an Ubuntu Dockerfile with rvm, what’s the proper GPG key I shoudl use?

I want to build an Ubuntu Docker image with rvm and nvm. I have constructed this # Image installing nvm, node, rvm, ruby. FROM ubuntu:14.04 MAINTAINER Alfredo Levy <[email protected]> # Replace shell with bash so we can source files RUN rm /bin/sh && ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh # Set debconf to run non-interactively RUN echo […]

By Dave
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Unable to run Spring Boot App WAR file with Docker container

I am trying to run Spring boot application WAR file with MySQL container in a custom network. I am using spotify maven plugin for creating image upon application build-up. Application is getting build, app. image created, tomcat server is starting but receiving 404 on hitting app url .Below are the insights of files: Docker File: […]

By Ash
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ssl certificate verify failed when executing a dockerfile

I was making some changes on an existing python app for the company i’m working for, so after cloning the app and opening it in VScode i noticed that the app is in a docker container and to start the app i must use docker-compose build command to build the project and then execute it […]

Postgres Database not being Created by Docker-Compose.yml file

This error is ONLY occurring on one of my 4 devices, and I am trying to debug it. This device is a Macbook pro with an Intel processor. The database container (db service) spins up but doesn’t create the database. version: "3.7" services: db: networks: new: aliases: – database restart: always container_name: db image: postgres:latest […]

By k-lombard
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COPY failed while using docker

Im building a express app but when i use the command sudo docker build – < Dockerfile i get the error COPY failed: file not found in build context or excluded by .dockerignore: stat package.json: file does not exist. This is how my proyect structure looks like: . ├── build │   ├── server.js │   └── […]

By Facundo Serrano
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NVIDIA cuDNN installation in ubuntu20.04 docker container

I tried to install NVIDIA cuDNN 8.3.2 following the official guide in Dockerfile: ENV OS=ubuntu2004 RUN wget${OS}/x86_64/cuda-${OS}.pin RUN mv cuda-${OS}.pin /etc/apt/preferences.d/cuda-repository-pin-600 RUN apt-key adv –fetch-keys${OS}/x86_64/7fa2af80.p> RUN add-apt-repository "deb${OS}/x86_64/ /" RUN apt-get update ENV cudnn_version= ENV cuda_version=cuda11.5 RUN apt-get install libcudnn8=${cudnn_version}-1+${cuda_version} RUN apt-get install libcudnn8-dev=${cudnn_version}-1+${cuda_version} and I am getting the error: E: Version […]

By Alexander
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Docker doesn’t create database

I have Dockerfile: FROM postgres ENV POSTGRES_USER root ENV POSTGRES_PASSWORD root ENV POSTGRES_DB world COPY world.sql /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/ I run docker build -t postgres . and then I create container but it doesn’t create database in PG. Does anyone have any idea? I tried to google but didn’t find anything. world.sql : CREATE TABLE city ( […]

By alex
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Create/Deploy Azure Services using Docker Container

Suppose I have my infrastructure as a code folder where I also use Azure for my infrastructure, and terraform state is also stored on azure in a storage account on a resource group with subdirectories for each of my environments and tfvar file for each environment. I am planning to deploy/create Azure services using Docker […]

By Alpha99
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How to build a Docker image?

I have a directory named docker which contains the following two files: docker: |_Dockerfile | The Dockerfile looks like this: #Specifying the base image FROM python:3.10 #here the dockerfile is pulling the python 3.10 from docker hub which already has python installed so we have all the things we need to have python in our […]

By Gibraltar
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Where is dockerfile located in default laravel sail project

Building a laravel project using laravel sail documentation. As mentioned in the docker-compose.yml file it mentions dockerfile: Dockerfile. But it is not located in the root folder, so where is it? # For more information: version: ‘3’ services: laravel.test: build: context: ./vendor/laravel/sail/runtimes/8.1 **dockerfile: Dockerfile** args: WWWGROUP: ‘${WWWGROUP}’ image: sail-8.1/app extra_hosts: – ‘host.docker.internal:host-gateway’ ports: – […]

By Chris
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