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How to run Angular app as Docker container

I am trying to run an Angular 9 app as a Docker container. This is my Dockerfile: FROM node:14.8.0-stretch-slim as build-env LABEL desc="docker image of angular 9 app" WORKDIR /app COPY ["package.json","package-lock.json","/app/"] RUN npm install RUN npm install -g @angular/cli COPY . /app #ENTRYPOINT ["ng","–version"] RUN ng build CMD ng serve #Also tried 1) CMD […]

By Kgn-web
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Docker openCV installation Issues

I’m currently trying to run an application using Docker but get the following error message when I start the application: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I assume that something is going wrong in the docker file and that the installation is not complete or […]

By john-mueller
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String Interpolate environment variable in docker-compose

I have the following docker-compose.yml file: version: ‘3.6’ services: stripe-cli: image: stripe/stripe-cli:latest container_name: stripe-cli secrets: – StripeSecretKey environment: StripeSecretKey: /run/secrets/StripeSecretKey command: –api-key ${StripeSecretKey} listen –forward-to http://localhost:5000/api/payment/webhook secrets: StripeSecretKey: file: ./secrets/StripeSecretKey.txt The secret ‘StripeSecretKey’ points to a text file which has the secret key being: I am trying to string interpolate my secret key value in […]

By Danny
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docker-compose exec on running container with arguments

I would like to use the existing container multiple times by providing different arguments. I have a docker-compose.yml file with entrypoint: ["/bin/bash", ""]. To run the container I use the command docker-compose run foo –database=foo –schema=boo –tables=puah. It works perfect. Container does the job. Here is the docker-compose.yml version: "3" services: bcp: image: ubuntu:18.04 restart: […]

By abe
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Airflow DockerOperator cannot find some images but can find others

I get the following error when trying to use the Docker operator in Airflow. The airflow setup is not visible to me (it is running by another team on a machine I cannot access and the responsible team is not responsive). I created the docker image from a docker file I wrote myself. The name […]

By Adam Jones
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Docker Volumes – Create options (Driver)

Description Official Docker documentation are usually not very useful, and alot of times things remain unclear even after reading through their sections. There are many things unclear, but this question I just want to target these: When running docker volume create: –driver –opt device –opt type When I run docker volume create –driver local –opt […]

By CvRChameleon
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Using BuildKit with a mounted `/var/run/docker.sock` in GitLab CI

I have a registered gitlab-runner with a docker executor. When it runs this .gitlab-ci.yml: image: docker:latest variables: DOCKER_BUILDKIT: "1" build: stage: build script: # There are additional flags cut out requiring BuildKit. – docker build . and /var/run/docker.sock mounted, it fails with: ERROR: not found —— > resolve image config for —— failed […]

Unable to Docker to port forward nuxt based express server to host

I am using Docker for Windows (Windows 10 is at 2004 so I have got WSL2) and I am trying to containerise a Nuxt application. The application runs well on my local system and after creating a Dockerfile and building it, I cannot get it to port forward onto my host system. Whereas, when trying […]

By Sayak Mukhopadhyay
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H2 console not working on Docker (remote connections (‘webAllowOthers’) are disabled)

I have an api application which works on port 8080 with h2 db and h2-console is working good when I run the application from the IDE. I have dockerized the project with dockerfile and docker-compose.yml, the project is working without problem, everything seems fine except that I cannot reach the h2-console when I run the […]

By abidinberkay
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Azure Devops nuget artifact feed and docker

Is there a good way to create an authentication mechanism to Devops to be able to access the artifact NuGet feed? I would like to create a base image for my team that would allow them to just pull an image from our Azure Container Registry that has access to our devops nuget feed. Ideally […]

By greven
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