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Docker-compose: can I map user ids per container?

For a local dev setup under Linux, I run a bunch of third-party containers using docker-compose, and mount a volume for them. The containers create some files on that volume, which is a local directory on my disk. If I run the containers as root, the files they create belong to root.Running other tools that […]

By 9000
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Traefik and multiple domains some with letsencrypt and some from SSL provider

I’m configuring multiple domains in docker-compose and to route traffic I would like to use Traefik. He has very nice ability to create and manage letsencrypt certificate but some of my domains have enterprise SSL certificates from ssl provider (comodo). My question is it possible to configure traefik such that it will be generate, manage […]

By stefek143
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Connect to Azurite from .NET App via Docker

I have a .NET 6 API (running in Docker), and Azurite (running in Docker). I’m trying to connect to Azurite from the .NET app using the .NET SDK, but am getting the following error in the Docker logs: System.AggregateException: Retry failed after 6 tries. Retry settings can be adjusted in ClientOptions.Retry. (Connection refused (azurite:10000)) (Connection […]

By RPM1984
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Unable to add local nuget package to Dockerfile

I have created a dockerfile. In this file, there is a step to restore packages that solution has. However, I am unable to get succeeded because of not finding local nuget package. I try this answer and this answer however, in both way, I get error : The local source ‘/src/C:Usersokantcode-workspaceGringottsBankpackages’ doesn’t exist. error. I […]

By Okan Topuz
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Running Django makemigrations Docker container

I have two Docker containers, one for MySQL and one for Django. I modify a model that requires a migration, and therefore the need to run makemigrations: what do I do such that I end up with a file on my local drive that, when I fire up the Django container and it runs […]

By spamguy
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puppeteer doesn’t render chinese fonts

I am running puppeteer on a container (amazon linux centos) and made sure I’ve installed all the fonts, yet I still see squares instead of Japanese and emojis: Here is my Dockerfile: FROM COPY . ./ RUN yum makecache RUN yum install -y <list of tons of fonts libs> RUN fc-cache -v RUN fc-cache-64 […]

InitContainer run a Python command

I need to run a pip install command in an initcontainer. I´m using the python:3.9-slim-buster image. I created the following code, however I get the following error: /usr/local/bin/python3: No module named pip install moduleexample Code: spec: volumes: – name: agent-volume emptyDir: {} initContainers: – name: dd-apm-init image: python:3.9-slim-buster command: ["python3", "-m", "pip install moduleexample"] resources: […]

By Cabesa92
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Unable to run Spring Boot App WAR file with Docker container

I am trying to run Spring boot application WAR file with MySQL container in a custom network. I am using spotify maven plugin for creating image upon application build-up. Application is getting build, app. image created, tomcat server is starting but receiving 404 on hitting app url .Below are the insights of files: Docker File: […]

By Ash
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docker standard_init_linux.go:228: no such file or directory

I am struggling to find the cause of the following error after building an image and trying to run it: standard_init_linux.go:228: exec user process caused: no such file or directory Dockerfile FROM rocker/r-ver:3.6.3 RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y sudo gdebi-core pandoc pandoc-citeproc libcurl4-gnutls-dev libcairo2-dev libxt-dev xtail wget dos2unix RUN wget –no-verbose -O […]

By Jonathan Livingston Seagull
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Running R image while installing necessary linux libs on a cluster

I am running some heavvy R analyses, I would like to move to the cluster of the university. To do this, I need to install every single R package I need. Along with that, I’d need to install the necessary linux libraries from which some R packages depend. I’m not receiving much collaboration from the […]

By mightaskalot
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