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Cannot join Docker manager node in Windows using tokens

My friend and I are trying to connect our Docker daemon using Docker Swarm. We both are using Windows OS and we are NOT on the same network. According to Docker docs each docker host must have the following ports open; TCP port 2377 for cluster management communications TCP and UDP port 7946 for communication […]

By Heily
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How to install Docker Swarm Kit?

My friend and I are trying to install Docker SwarmKit for our project, but are having a hard time with it. Yes, we know that now Docker Swarm Mode uses SwarmKit under the hood, but for our project, we need to use SwarmKit only. (For reference) To give a background, we just want to install […]

By Heily
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traefik docker-compose containers cross communication with https / SSL

For development purposes I run a local Docker with three independent Moodle instances. These three instances should be able to communicate with each other. To do this, I use traefik as a reverse proxy. So far, this has all worked flawlessly. But now I wanted to add SSL to the Docker. At first glance, this […]

By MPe
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How to let a docker service in docker swarm connect an overlay network?

I deploy my service to docker swarm by using : docker stack deploy -c demo.yaml demo here is my demo.yaml: version: ‘3.7’ services: damo-app: image: … ports: – "6200:6200" – "3010:3010" then, the service is working. Now, I want to let this service connect to an overlay network, I using the following code: docker service […]

How do setup of the multi-node cluster in Hadoop based on Docker [closed]

How do I setup a multi-node Hadoop cluster with Docker? So that the namenode in a machine and the datanodes in other machines Source: Docker Questions

If each user has the same list of vms, can admin have a single list to manage them all?

If users on a website could all start and stop a list of virtual machines, like each profile had the same list and they ran independently from another user, is there a way admin can manage all these with a single list? For example add a new vm to the admin management list and all […]

By Levi
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How to trigger a docker swarm service update (remotely)?

I’m running docker services as stacks on docker systems in swarm mode. To perform rolling updates in the ci/cd pipeline I used the portainer feature: Webhooks. But whenerver I have to update the portainer itself (or the loadbalancer) the webhook gets updated and I have to update all pipelines with the new GUID. Is there […]

By OCram85
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Docker Swarm and Docker Service

Swarm Gurus, I have just setup my very first Docker Swarm environment with 3 hosts. By following the manuals here: I was able to set it up and was able to create a service with 5 replicas and working as expected. The containers were spread across 3 Nodes (Manager and […]

Is it possible to connect servers under cg-nat into one network?

I have one public server and two servers under CG-NAT. Can I work with all containers on servers under the same network, using docker swarm and overlay network? Source: Docker Questions

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Cannot access service on overlay network by IP of manager node(Swarm)

I have setup of 3 swarm nodes. One manager and 2 workers. I have created service using this command sudo docker service create –name drupal_new –network my_overlay -p 81:80 drupal As result service started on one of worker nodes. ID NAME MODE REPLICAS IMAGE PORTS gsosn4xgv4fk drupal_new replicated 1/1 drupal:latest *:81->80/tcp ID NAME IMAGE NODE […]

By Ayyub
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