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Docker-compose: can I map user ids per container?

For a local dev setup under Linux, I run a bunch of third-party containers using docker-compose, and mount a volume for them. The containers create some files on that volume, which is a local directory on my disk. If I run the containers as root, the files they create belong to root.Running other tools that […]

By 9000
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Traefik and multiple domains some with letsencrypt and some from SSL provider

I’m configuring multiple domains in docker-compose and to route traffic I would like to use Traefik. He has very nice ability to create and manage letsencrypt certificate but some of my domains have enterprise SSL certificates from ssl provider (comodo). My question is it possible to configure traefik such that it will be generate, manage […]

By stefek143
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Connect to Azurite from .NET App via Docker

I have a .NET 6 API (running in Docker), and Azurite (running in Docker). I’m trying to connect to Azurite from the .NET app using the .NET SDK, but am getting the following error in the Docker logs: System.AggregateException: Retry failed after 6 tries. Retry settings can be adjusted in ClientOptions.Retry. (Connection refused (azurite:10000)) (Connection […]

By RPM1984
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ssl certificate verify failed when executing a dockerfile

I was making some changes on an existing python app for the company i’m working for, so after cloning the app and opening it in VScode i noticed that the app is in a docker container and to start the app i must use docker-compose build command to build the project and then execute it […]

Docker logs lost after system reboot when using local file logging driver

I am using docker-compose to start my service and switched to local driver by adding logging: driver: local in all the services. It seems that after a system reboot, the logs are not available anymore if using docker logs <container> command. Is this an expected behavior, if yes, is there a way to persist them […]

By Rishabh
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Postgres Database not being Created by Docker-Compose.yml file

This error is ONLY occurring on one of my 4 devices, and I am trying to debug it. This device is a Macbook pro with an Intel processor. The database container (db service) spins up but doesn’t create the database. version: "3.7" services: db: networks: new: aliases: – database restart: always container_name: db image: postgres:latest […]

By k-lombard
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Docker restart policy is ignored if no space left on device

Situation: I run docker services on a production server. The restart policy ist set to always. Disk usage of some services is volantile (file sharing service) which means the disk is 100% full from time to time – and there is a delay till it’s cleaned up again. Problem: If a docker service exits while […]

By Seb
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Docker error "": x509 certifacte not valid for in macOS

I am setting up the airflow in my macOS using Docker and I am encountering this below error while doing the setup. Any help would be appreciated. ERROR: Get "": x509: certificate is valid for *,, not Thanks. Source: Docker Questions

By Joy
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Deploy Teleport behind Traefik

I have some problems using teleport behind Traefik. I think it is because of the SSL certificates that are not supported on the connection from Traefik to Teleport. Does anyone have a solution how this could work ? Teleport Docker File: version: ‘3’ services: teleport: image: container_name: teleport entrypoint: /bin/sh hostname: command: -c […]

Windows container transparent network: invalid CIDR address: /32

I’m trying to set up my container with the "transparent" network driver so that I can assign it with a static IP address in the same network as the container host. Creating the network manually and running the container with the following commands works as expected. docker network create -d transparent –subnet= –gateway= docker-network docker […]

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