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Make docker nginx forward an angular app requests to consume APIs through Unix domain socket

I’m trying to interconnect two docker containers process using Unix domain socket creating a socket path in my host and sharing that volume in each container something like that: in my docker-compose file services: my-ngixn-container: image: nginx:1.20.2-alpine container_name: my-ngixn-container … volumes: – ${PWD}/env/mysocket.socket:/env/mysocket.socket my-api-container: image: openjdk:8-jdk-alpine container_name: my-api-container … volumes: – ${PWD}/env/mysocket.socket:/env/mysocket.socket I want to […]

By getzels
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.net core api not getting started in docker

What I have is a simple .net core api and my docker file looks like this. FROM AS base WORKDIR /app COPY Published . ENTRYPOINT ["dotnet", "DemoApi.dll"] I am starting the container with the following command docker run demoapi:v1 -p 8600:80 and I get a message as below. enter image description here When I […]

By user14267126
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Access denied for user ‘root’@’’ (using password: YES) spring boot and MySql

I created an api gateway using spring boot and I wanted to connect it to my local MySql DB. I am getting two errors: Access denied for user ‘root’@’’ (using password: YES) Failed to initialize JPA EntityManagerFactory I don’t think there is a problem with the password, I was able to connect with it to […]

By LaylaSnow
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wacore_1 | MySQL is not up yet – sleeping Docker

I want to implement WhatsApp business API using Facebook developer guide line. I have use bellow link to implement I have install docker and use command line which provided in above link. Everything install successfully. but I run it it showing error like this wacore_1 | MySQL is not up yet – sleeping Unable […]

By Jitendra Tripathi
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Problem with the Unmarshal error in the api (listmonk)

my code- var email; var setEmail; export default function Home() { // NEW CODE — Udhay’s [email, setEmail] = useState(”) const handleEmailChange = event => { setEmail( }; const handleSubmit = Postdata(); // const handleSubmit = event => { // alert(`Your state values: n // email:${email} n`); // console.log(`${email}`); // }; async function Postdata(){ try […]

By udhay r
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Trying to to make an requisition to a published .net Api on an docker container using https and kestrel

Sorry if my english is not the best. I’ve made an api using .net, and i have to put it inside a docker container(it was not me who built it), i’ve been using kestrel to make requisitions, but only through http. When i try using https i’m not able to, i’ve searched online and i […]

By Jos Oliveira
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How to get the DSN of Oracle Database docker image for go application?

I built up a go API that aims to get data from oracle database note that I’m trying to connect it using this statement: database, error := sql.Open("odbc", "DSN=ORCLCDB.localdomain;Uid=user;Pwd=password") Once I run it gives me this error SQLDriverConnect: {IM002} [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified I don’t really […]

By M Al
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How to avoid binary characters in the result of a docker engine api http exec call?

When running a i get a response of type application/vnd.docker.raw-stream with some binary chars in the response. so for example, when calling "date" inside a docker container, the response always looks like this (screenshot made from postman): in joe (editor) I see: [email protected]@@@@@]Wed Dec 29 00:55:05 CET 2021 and vi (editor) shows A^@^@^@^@^@^@^]Wed Dec […]

By michabbb
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Map Docker services with an external IP with SSL

Well… I am sorry for this long explanation, I’ll do my best to make the case as clear as possible. GoDaddy domain In our company we purchased a domain from GoDaddy let’s call it with the IP address A.A.A.A. Digital Ocean server Introduction We also have an Ubuntu machine running Docker from Digital Ocean […]

By Sofienne Lassoued
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Unable to install WhatsApp Business API Client using docker

I want to implement "WhatsApp Business API Client" in my web application. I want to send document from my web application to customer using "WhatsApp Business API Client". I have flow the instruction from bellow link I have created both Facebook and WhatsApp business account. I have also created app in Facebook and verify […]

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