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vue not found in docker container

I am trying to run vue/cli in a docker container. I started the container went to cli of the container through docker exec -it command and entered the command npm install @vue/cli. Now, when I see the package.json file of the container, I see the package installed but when I try to create a project […]

By Viraj D
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Playwright is not running the test on Docker

I’m trying to run some Playwright tests on Docker through Selenium Grid, but the tests are failing because of timeout. Chrome is apparently not starting. According to the Playwright documentation, it would be enough to run the tests using the following command: SELENIUM_REMOTE_URL=http://internal.grid:4444/wd/hub npx playwright test But that is not working. I’m building the environment […]

By Oct vio Moreira
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Determine actual Kafka version that is being used inside confluentinc/cp-kafka:6.2.2 image

I want to determine the exact version of Kafka inside confluentinc/cp-kafka:6.2.2 image. On this site, I have read that inside image with tag 6.2.x kafka version 2.8.x is being used but I want to determine the exact version of kafka. I want to know whether the exact version is 2.8.1 or 2.8.0. I also […]

By Usman Sajid
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How can I set JNDI configuration in a Docker overrides.yaml file?

If I have a java configuration bean, say: package; // whatever imports public class MyConfiguration { private String someConfigurationValue = "defaultValue"; // getters and setters etc } If I set that using jetty for local testing I can do so using a config.xml file in the following form: <myConfiguration class="" context="SomeContextAttribute"> <someConfigurationValue>http://localhost:8080</someConfigurationValue> </myConfiguration> However […]

By user3041349
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Configure Nginx to serve Static files of Angular and also reverse proxy for express

i’m very new to Nginx and want to use it for serving static angular files and also proxy to a backend express server. I’m also dockerizing the frontend (with nginx) and the backend. In the frontend i only have a button thats making a request and getting some data from express. Everytime i try this, […]

By Faruk Kara
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