Category : zfs

I am running Ubuntu 20.04 and using zfs on my system drive. I am trying to remove a docker container but I get this error: glen $ docker rm c3250e315b06 Error response from daemon: container c3250e315b0631cc7fee17ab0c7f649a3995ea17e969705117e064a045b3775e: driver "zfs" failed to remove root filesystem: exit status 1: "/usr/sbin/zfs fs destroy -r rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_bl0u7i/var/lib/120f50d109cf1c84f20db9e6402fef9a4bd91fa8b94f1848a874539663bbdc40" => cannot destroy ‘rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_bl0u7i/var/lib/120f50d109cf1c84f20db9e6402fef9a4bd91fa8b94f1848a874539663bbdc40’: ..

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