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Installing Docker on vsphere virtual machine hypervisor problem

Hey i am tring to install Docker on VM running with Vsphere i have enables virtualiztion for the VM and tried every think i found on google after many tries i have this problem where the docker cannot start the hyper-v service wich is RUNNING in windows services i did bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto and […]

By ShobiDobi
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Automate Kubernetes Cluster creation in vSphere

I want a script/tool/plugin that can be used to automate kubernetes cluster creation in vSphere. I need one master and two worker nodes which will be a total of 3 virtual machines. Is there a way that this creation can be automated? Or is there any other way where I won’t need to configure every […]

By gunsNglory
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Using the govc container in Jenkins

I’d like to run govc commands in a Jenkins pipeline. Running the govc container manually works: docker pull vmware/govc && docker run -e GOVC_USERNAME=$GOVC_USERNAME -e GOVC_PASSWORD=$GOVC_PASSWORD -e GOVC_INSECURE=$GOVC_INSECURE vmware/govc find -u=$GOVC_URL / -type m For some reason the short environment variable passing version (-e ENV_VAR) doesn’t work with this image and I must enter GOVC_URL […]

By towel
Categorised as docker, jenkins, jenkins-declarative-pipeline, vsphere

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