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In a vscode development container, is there a way to access the docker container from a different machine on the local network?

I have an app (sveltekit) running inside and would like to access it from other devices on my local network. I can access it normally from the host machine on localhost:3000. I want to access it somehow from another machine on the local network. Is this possible? Sveltekit cli has –host flag, which outputs the […]

vscode: create files with local user as owner when connected to remote container

I have a dockerized Django application (Dockerfile + docker-compose.yml in project root). I have three services: nginx postgres django I’m trying to use VScode with the Remote-Containers extension, so what I have right now is a .devcontainer directory with two files (this was setup automatically): devcontainer.json docker-compose.yml (yes, another one apart from the one in […]

Debug jupyter notebook within docker container

I am trying to use VSCode to debug a jupyter notebook which runs within a docker container. I am using jupyter/scipy-notebook:python-3.9.7 as base image and running the following command: CMD ["python", "-m", "ptvsd", "–host", "", "–port", "49155", "–wait", "–multiprocess", "-m", "jupyter", "lab", "–ip", ""] after having installed ptvsd. The launch.json looks like the following: "name": […]

How to deal with more than one `network_mode` in a VSCode Remote dev container?

I would like to have an application, database and redis service running in a dev container where I’d be able to access my database and redis inside the container, application and on Windows, this is what currently works just as I wanted for my application and database: .devcontainer.json: { "name": "Node.js, TypeScript, PostgreSQL & Redis", […]

How to run multiple services on the same network in a vscode remote container?

I am trying to set up a Visual Studio Code dev environment to run my Node.js application that I want to connect to a Postgres database and Redis, additionally I would like to be able to access my database outside of Docker so I can connect through a GUI, I attempted to set up the […]

VS Code Remote Container unable to get local issuer certificate

VSCode Version: 1.62.2 Local OS Version: Windows 10.0.18363 Reproduces in: Remote – Containers Name of Dev Container Definition with Issue: /vscode/devcontainers/typescript-node In our company we use a proxy which terminates the SSL connections. When I now try to start any devcontainer (the workspace is in the WSL2 filesystem), I get the following error message: Installing […]

By ckihm
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Vscode Downloading Vs Code Server forever

My Vs Code not working well when I tried connect docker to code into it. I don’t know why, but I suppose that upgrade broke my project. Before it, the setting was working very well. I took a picture and ask how can I fix it. Source: Docker Questions

Unable to create conda env from yaml file in remote container

In the Dockerfile of a VS Code remote container, I’m trying to create a conda environment from a yaml file. That’s my file structure and that’s my really simple Dockerfile FROM continuumio/anaconda3 RUN conda env create -f environment.yml But I get this error > [2/2] RUN conda env create -f environment.yml: #6 2.311 #6 2.311 […]

By ChrisWallenwein
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Can’t open VS code devcontainer in browser

So, i try to run moodle using VS code devcontainer. When running the docker-compose.yml without VS code, everything works fine but when using VS code to start the containers as devcontainers, i can’t connect to them via the browser (via localhost:80). Here is the docker-compose.yml file, straight from the bitnami/moodle github: version: ‘2.2’ services: mariadb: […]

How to use vs code dev container with existing docker-compose file?

I cannot seem to find a clear answer for this, I found but it is not very clear and also might be outdated because "dockerComposeFile" is no longer a valid option. I have a project with an existing docker-compose.yml file which spins up a MariaDB database, I added a generated devcontainer.json configuration file for […]

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