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Can’t access local docker container when using VPN

I have a couple docker containers running on my local machine (pgadmin, jupyter notebooks etc) and have them mapped to various ports. I can happily navigate to localhost:10100 to get to the pgadmin web interface, for example. The issue is that when I connect to the work VPN I am unable to get to any […]

By RedM
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How to setup ProtonVPN in Docker and let use Firefox use this connection?

I want to configure some programs like Firefox and Thunderbird to use ProtonVPN’s VPN connection in a Docker container. I can change the network / proxy settings in these programs, so this should be possible. But I need an advice / tutorial. I found this repository: How can I use this docker image (ideally […]

By kanka dev
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rabbitmq running in docker connection refused when Cisco VPN is connected

I am running rabbitmq inside as a docker container. Normally I am able to log into the management node from browser(localhost:15672). However, when i connect cisco vpn, i am not able to log into the management node. Also when the producer tries to publish on the rabbitmq, it gets an error: "Broker connection error, trying […]

By Ashish bhat
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Exclude docker traffic from VPN?

I have a home assistant running in a docker container. When I enable the expressVPN through their client, it tunnels the traffic of that container as well, so my HomeKit bridge will be considered on a different network as my phone. Since openVPN and wireguard are both actively blocked from where I am living, is […]

Deploying docker image + usage of nordVPN

I need some suggestions for where can i run a docker image that make a use of nordVPN. As of today, I am using an ec2 instance with nordVPN installed inside the linux machine but can’t make it run properly: When i test for my public Ip that is being used I’m always getting an […]

By shimon ber
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Torrent cannot complete on transmission-remote in docker container due to continuous deletion of data

transmission-remote is running in a docker container with good internet connection, downloading a file with sufficient seeders. As the torrent approaches 99% completion, the download speed will slow, and then the completion rate will be reduced to 98% or even 97%, before climbing back up. Similarly, the total data will fluctuate between 4.83 and 4.88GB. […]

How to replica docker container with different docker volume [closed]

version: "2.1" services: wireguard: image: linuxserver/wireguard container_name: wireguard cap_add: – NET_ADMIN – SYS_MODULE deploy: mode: replicated replicas: 6 environment: – PUID=502 – PGID=20 – TZ=Europe/Berlin – SERVERURL=auto – SERVERPORT=51820 #optional – PEERS=1 #optional – PEERDNS=auto #optional – INTERNAL_SUBNET= #optional volumes: – /Users/waleed/wireguard-server/config:/config – /lib/modules:/lib/modules ports: – 51820:51820/udp sysctls: – net.ipv4.conf.all.src_valid_mark=1 restart: always Actually, I am […]

The remote server from docker to VPN does not ping

The address is not pinged from the doher network 10.22.1/24. From the local host VPN the host is pinged docker local From docker: [email protected]:/var/www/app# ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=63 time=0.376 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=63 time=0.253 ms ^C […]

By Anatoliy
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How to connect a docker container to VPN

I’m quite new in docker and VPNs so I don’t know what should be the best way to achive this. Contex: I use airflow in Google Cloud to schedule some task. This task are dockerized so each task is the execution of a docker container with a script (Using KubernetesPodOperator) For this use case I […]

How to create VPN client on Django Docker container?

I have a docker-compose file with 3 services; django, postgres and pgadmin. Now i have to connect to new existing external database accessible through a VPN. How can i prepare the django container to connect to this new database ? Thanks in advance. Source: Docker Questions

By Alberto Sanmartin Martinez
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