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How to run two black-box dockers with conflicting requirements on the same machine?

I have A black-box container or docker-compose, which requires some environment resource. An easy example is a specific port, such as 5672 and 15672 for a rabbitmq server. Another black-box container or docker-compose, which, again, uses that same host machine port(s) or resource(s). Both of these black boxes work when they run by themselves. Both […]

By Gulzar
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How can I enable Virtualisation on my company Laptop Windows 10 (I have tried going into the BIOS already)

I am trying to activate virtualisation on my laptop to be able to use docker. And in the BIOS I cannot seem to enable the Intel Virtualisation. I tried enabling some other features in the BIOS and it seemed to be working. 1)I have attached a picture of how the BIOS page looks like. 2) […]

By ebrahim
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Problem when running counter strike 1.6(steam) in docker with bots

Please Excuse me for my bad english! i want to run counter strike 1.6(steam compatible) with bots in docker, but I get an error in the last steps. 1. git clone -b add_bot_support 2. docker build -t cs16ds/server . Got error(the bash script ‘’ that install counter strike server does not work): Error! App […]

Windows 10 breaks after enabling SVM virtualization

I was trying to set up Docker on my PC but when I started it by the shortcut, it asked me to enable virtualization in BIOS. So I did that, enabled SVM in CPU configurations. My problem is that after the OS starts, the screen gets blinking (actually the screen is only displaying like once […]

By DemonFace
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How to change the location of hard disk images

I need your help for my problem. I have two hard disk. An SSD (125go, C:) and an HDD (1To, D:) Docker desktop installs automatically in my SSD and in others files. I would like to install or change location of my image in my hard disk D: . I have tested to add data-root […]

By Fajean
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Any significant concept difference between container and binder?

I am new to Docker and confused about the concept of containerization. I wonder about the key difference between Docker container and Binder project. Here is the definition from Google search: A Docker container is a standardized, encapsulated environment that runs applications. A Binder or "Binder-ready repository" is a code repository that contains both code […]

By Jimmy
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VirtualBox 6.1 cannot start VM with Docker+WSL in Windows

I need to run VirtualBox 6.1, Docker, and WSL for my projects. Yes, I can turn off HyperV and WSL, restart, use VirtualBox, turn them on, restart, use Docker & WSL1, but this is so tedious. According to VirtualBox support of HyperV starts from 6.x versions, and I followed every step of this blog on […]

Debugging qemu-arm SIGSEGV

Background I am running the qemu-arm user space emulator inside of a Docker container on Docker for Mac. I am working on a code base that runs on cortex-m4 processors. I want to be able to cross-compile the code in the docker container to target the cortex-m4 processor and run that code on the qemu-arm […]

By northsideknight
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Docker: Hardware assisted virtualization and data execution protection must be enabled in the BIOS

Alright, I am going crazy. I’ve tried every check and thing under the sun, but docker refuses to work on my pc. I have tried: Windows features Everything that is on, should be on, I have tried Hyper-V on and off I have ran and done everything here: I have done everything here: Docker […]

Hypervisor launch iessues with docker and vagrant in windows

I’m facing this problem for the first time that docker and vagrant won’t work with each other. So, if I had to run docker I would have to open cmd and type bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto and restart pc, it would run docker but it won’t run vagrant. And if I have to run vagrant […]

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