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Is it possible to use a docker image for multiple VM instances?

I have created a docker image and uploaded it to the Container registry. The docker image is run by docker run –rm docker_image event-id device-name. The output of the docker image is a pdf file that is uploaded to the Cloud Storage. I am creating a VM instance that will be using the docker with […]

Virtualization vs Dual booting

What are the main differences between dual-booting and virtualization from memory, storage, and computing perspective? This question has already been answered here in shallow. Can you please give me a more technical explanation in depth? Source: Docker Questions

Is there a way to decrease compiling time on macOS Mojave running in VM?

I’m running macOS Mojave in Oracle Virtual Box and connect via ssh from Linux in order to run some tests. Compiling time is just killing me sometimes and I’m desperate for lightweight solution. I’ve tried to run it via docker with images from sickcodes/Docker-OSX, but then tests are failing to build. Host PC specs: OS: […]

Do Multiple Python Programs Use Different Cpu Cores?

I have a question regarding Python and load balancing. Consider a virtual machine with 16 virtual cpu cores and single Python Rest-Service wrapped in Docker. I suppose it only is going to use one virtual core instead of the 16 when run. Now consider 8 duplicates of the Python Rest-Service run in a docker compose […]

Docker image not displayed for all local users

I’ve been using the docker on windows for teaching and students use active directory to login to the non-admin users on the computers. The issue is, I’ve pulled images in advance with the admin account, but when they run docker, it was nothing there. Does anyone else has similar experience? I am thinking if this […]

Is there a way to make app engine turn off when no traffic

I am currently using App Engine in Google Cloud with Docker to handle Mux Video requests. The problem is I am being charged over $40 when the app is in development and there is virtually no traffic on the app. Is there a way to turn off the App Engine when no requests are being […]

is it possible install Docker on windows 10 HOME with hyper v enabled?

I knew that docker won’t work on windows 10 home edition. It will work in windows 10 pro or enterprise as it need hyper v and it is available in these two. But I found some script for hyper v and able to install and enable hyper v in window 10 home. So is it […]

Is running Docker on a VM counter-intuitive?

I have a question about Docker and running a Docker container-based application on a VM. Let’s say I have a web application that I want to deploy to some cloud hosting service. Let’s also say that the cloud hosting service I am deploying my container-based application on gives me a virtual machine partitioned from a […]

By Rahul
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microk8s not running after installation

I want to install kubeflow using microk8s on kubernetes cluster, but I faced a problem with microk8s. I already install microk8s using this link. So, when I tried to see the status on microk8s, it was said not running microk8s is not running. Use microk8s inspect for a deeper inspection. When I try to inspect […]

Windows 10 breaks after enabling SVM virtualization

I was trying to set up Docker on my PC but when I started it by the shortcut, it asked me to enable virtualization in BIOS. So I did that, enabled SVM in CPU configurations. My problem is that after the OS starts, the screen gets blinking (actually the screen is only displaying like once […]

By DemonFace
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