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Torchserve fails to load model on docker while it runs locally

I have a torchscript model (.pt) that I can successfully load and serve with torch serve on my local machine. On the other side, when trying to deploy it in the oficial torchserve docker it will complain about the model and dont load it. My local environment libraries are: torchserve version: 0.5.2 torch-model-archiver version: 0.5.2 […]

By Jaime Ferrando Huertas
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TorchServe: MODEL_LOG – Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: Unable to get the locale encoding

I am serving my Pytorch model using torch serve on a Docker container. For Docker i am using the image pytorch/torchserve:0.5.0-cpu from the hub. While serving the model on Docker, i get the Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize when trying to load the model. Strangely it cant also not find torch although it is already installed […]

By der radler
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