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docker container (node server) stops with err=132

my first docker project was build on a Mac. It runs perfectly there, so i tried to transfer that to my Synology NAS running in the docker engine there. Unfortunately the container always stops with Error Code = 132. I tried everything, pulling from within the docker gui and running the container from there, but […]

By pawi
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Docker in bridge network mode on ARM-based Synology NAS?

I have an ARM64-based Synology NAS device and have been trying to set up Docker on it using the instructions found here: Can I install Docker on arm8 based Synology Nas However, the fact that I can’t use the default bridge network mode but instead have to use host mode (network_mode=host) is preventing me from […]

By jtarvainen
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Docker container keeps auto-restarting, I cannot figure out how to stop it?

I’m trying to do a clean install of home assistant on my docker, running on synology nas. The problem is I had loads of old containers lying around, half of them probably not doing anything. I managed to delete all of them, except one. It’s called "hassio_supervisor"; and I cannot delete it. It keeps auto-restarting […]

By dankdoggy
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Try to reach docker container from python script (Interactive brokers)

On my synology I have this docker container running: In the "manual" is says: "In this example you will launch the Interactive Brokers Gateway in paper mode listening on port 4001, and the VNC Server listening on port 5900" So in the docker container I did the following port mapping: Local port 32778 to […]

Docker on Synology with php / putty

…I go nuts with that apparently simple issue: installed and started a docker on synology DS918 (DSM 7.0.1) running the docker via putty works: docker run –rm -v /volume2/myapp/temp:/app dockername (…) running that same command via php shell_exec() fails i tried different PHP versions, absolute/relative paths, different settings of quotation marks. Where is the difference […]

By feddoh
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WordPress on Docker (Synology NAS) with different networks

first, sorry for my bad english, hope you can understand me. i have the following task. I want to run a (maybe more) wordpress installation on my synology nas. Therefore, i installed Docker and run portainer for creating some stuff. My main idea is to create the following: Create different container with separated wordpress installations […]

By challange-2021
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Process to get Synology NAS to recognize Creality 3D Printer in Docked octoprint

My goal is to connect my Creality CR-10 V2 to the USB port on my Synology NAS and then run octoprint in a docker on the Synology and print remotely. I have a container set up running octoprint and am able to see the serial ports /dev/ttyS0-S3 but cannot figure out how to get the […]

By Austin Phillips
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Cannot connect two local bitcoind instances

I got two bitcoind instances running on my local network, one of which is almost 100% synchronised (node1,, the other one about 45% (node2). To speed up the sync process of node2, I’d like to connect it to node1 to download the blockchain. node1 is running in a docker container on my Synology drive: […]

By Joe
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Advise for docker ich777/thunderbird

I try to install on synology 220+ this docker ich777/thunderbird Docker config: docker run –name Thunderbird -d -p 8080:8080 –env ‘THUNDERBIRD_V=latest’ –env ‘THUNDERBIRD_LANG=en-US’ –env ‘CUSTOM_RES_W=1280’ –env ‘CUSTOM_RES_H=768’ –env ‘UID=1026’ –env ‘GID=100’ –env ‘UMASK=000’ –env ‘DATA_PERM=770’ –volume volume1/docker/thunderbird/mnt/cache/appdata/thunderbird – i create this folder structure ich777/thunderbird Every time i recieve this error: "volume1/docker/thunderbird/mnt/cache/appdata/thunderbird" includes invalid characters for […]

By svetlinsem
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What’s the best way for me to run SSIS on my Synology NAS?

I enjoy working with SQL Server and SSIS at my current job, and wanted to play around with it and learn some of the features I don’t really use much at work in my own home environment. I have a Synology NAS with 32GB RAM, and it comes with support of Docker and a whole […]

By nightmare637
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