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How do I switch a headless WordPress container on port 8080 to SSL when I have a Node server running on root?

On my VPS I have a sveltekit/node server on 3000 and wordpress in docker on 8080 using Portainer. With nginx on the VPS (not a docker container), location / is being proxied to 3000 (the node server). I would like to have the wordpress only for the graphql api and any login/wp-admin. Port 80 is […]

By Graysock
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In a vscode development container, is there a way to access the docker container from a different machine on the local network?

I have an app (sveltekit) running inside and would like to access it from other devices on my local network. I can access it normally from the host machine on localhost:3000. I want to access it somehow from another machine on the local network. Is this possible? Sveltekit cli has –host flag, which outputs the […]

How do I build a docker image from a Sveltekit app

I am trying to build a docker image from a sample app I have created in Sveltekit. I am using the @sveltejs/adapter-auto and have included both .js files for API calls and .svelte files in my routes folder. Here is my Dockerfile (which builds fine, but might not be correct) FROM node:14.15.0 as build # […]

By PrestonDocks
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Why i can’t send Authorization field on headers of fetch request? (javascript)

I am working on a project with SvelteKit, it’s kind of new in the frameworks market so there is no much info around ther. It’s simple, when i added the field Authorization to the headers of the request, i get blocked for cors policy, the backend server is sending in headers the Access-Control-Allow-origin field so […]

Tailwind CSS EACCESS Error When Running Project In Node Docker Container (Docker Compose)

I have a project that is using svelte-kit and Tailwind CSS. I recently moved it over to using docker compose. When I run my containers, I run them in WSL because they usually run better there. When I start the container that runs the development server, it starts up and runs just fine, but when […]

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