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Infinite redirect with SimpleSAMLphp

I’d try to configure an SSO on my web app using simplesamlphp. I require auth in my app : use SimpleSAMLAuthSimple; require_once(‘../../simplesamlphp/lib/_autoload.php’); $auth = new Simple(‘test-sp’); $isAuth = $auth->isAuthenticated(); $attributes = $auth->getAttributes(); if ($isAuth) { $uid = $attributes["uid"][0] ?? null; } else { $auth->requireAuth(); } Redirect to IDP authentication page then login works perfectly, but […]

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Docker Moodle localhost not working (CentOS)

I have to work with Moodle, so I installed Moodle from here: I created the docker containers. MySQL container: docker run -d –name DB -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_DATABASE=moodle -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=moodle -e MYSQL_USER=moodle -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=moodle mysql Moodle container: docker run -d -P –name moodle –link DB:DB -e MOODLE_URL=http://localhost:8081 -p 8081:80 jhardison/moodle Result after docker ps […]

By Mr Morgan
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Simplesaml Auth error when clearing cache

I’m doing a local install of a Drupal 8 site and when I try to clear the cache with Drush, I get this error: Is anyone familiar with this? I can’t find anything relevant with a Google search. Thank you in advance for any suggestions or help. Source: Docker Questions

By William Hodge
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