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Unable to get OpenSearch dashboard by running OpenSearch docker compose

I am a windows user. I installed Windows Subsystem for Linux [wsl2] and then installed docker using it. Then I tried to get started with OpenSearch so I followed the documentation in the given link and run docker-compose up, In the shell, I am getting an error message like opensearch-dashboards | {"type":"log","@timestamp":"2022-01-18T16:31:18Z","tags":["error","opensearch","data"],"pid":1,"message":"[ConnectionError]: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN […]

Use included XML files in deployed server

I have xml files that reside in the directory like this src |—lib | |—folder | | |—XML files | |— |— The file runs the codes in, and in it requires the XML files. When I run the server locally (window) I can just use the relative path "libfolder’xml files’". But […]

Handle Http Upload zip file in Golang

I’m using golang net/http package to retrieve the uploaded zip file via postman. The attachment file link. It is not dangerous file. Feel free to check out. Development env local machine m1 macbook pro golang 1.17.2 – no issue server docker image golang:1.17.5-stretch – got issue. Code to capture the post form transSourceFile file. func […]

By Chrest Koo
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Strapi container get stuck at "info ⏳ Opening the admin panel…"

I’m trying to set up a Strapi container on my distant server. So I built an image by making this Dockerfile. FROM strapi/base ENV NODE_ENV production WORKDIR /backend COPY package.json . RUN npm install COPY favicon.ico . COPY api/ api/ COPY config/ config/ COPY data/ data/ COPY components/ components/ COPY extensions/ extensions/ RUN npm run […]

By Sammy
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The virtual machine could not be started on Windows server 2019

I am trying to build docker linux container on Windows server follow [this][1] Enble all features required. Error: docker: Error response from daemon: failed to start service utility VM (createreadwrite): hcsshim::CreateComputeSystem 9bb5e983a476469fe44c22732a1f7aa98641066576ac59554db48c40963be12d_svm: The virtual machine could not be started because a required feature is not installed.(extra info {"SystemType":"container","Name":"9bb5e983a476469fe44c22732a1f7aa98641066576ac59554db48c40963be12d_svm","Layers":null,"HvPartition":true,"HvRuntime":{"ImagePath":"C:Program FilesLinux Containers","LinuxInitrdFile":"initrd.img","LinuxKernelFile":"kernel"},"ContainerType":"linux","TerminateOnLastHandleClosed":true}). docker infor: Client: Debug Mode: […]

platform (linux/arm64/v8) does not match the detected host platform (linux/amd64)

WARNING: The requested image’s platform (linux/arm64/v8) does not match the detected host platform (linux/amd64) and no specific platform was requested standard_init_linux.go:228: exec user process caused: exec format error I am using mac M1 chip. I pushed my image in the docker hub and pulled it into the server. When I am attempting to run this […]

By Sowmya
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Run Percona on docker swarm

I want to run Percona with 2 nodes(master and slave) on docker swarm Is it possible and How can I do that? here is what I found : Source: Docker Questions

By fat
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hosting multiple application containers on a single server without conflicts

i have a server that has a common dns and hosts multiple containers of different applications but the problem here for each domain name for an application, any app on the server can be accessed with the right port number. i have an internship management system and hospital management system on a single server with […]

By Rghdocker
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how to server 100 domains on NodeJS server [closed]

so we need 100 websites that are only different in design what would be the best way to serve it all? they will be really low traffic each with their own domain. and it should be resource efficient. so what can I do here? I’m really confused. vhost middleware would do the trick? 100 docker […]

By Random dude
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when i run my laravel project on docker compose this error i face localhost is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

i am running laravel project on docker composer but when go to browser and give my localhost it shows me localhost is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 Source: Docker Questions

By waqas ahmed
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