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Selenium test in docker with restart docker but persist changes

Until now I have done some testing in python selenium which involves making changes on web page and navigate to other pages and then verifying changes persist. But now I want to verify changes persist after docker is restarted. In docker selenium since changes don’t persist after the test docker is made down, so is […]

By richa verma
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How can I debug one browser with VNC using selenium grid?

I want to have a selenium grid using example provided in the repository: # To execute this docker-compose yml file use `docker-compose -f docker-compose-v3-full-grid.yml up` # Add the `-d` flag at the end for detached execution # To stop the execution, hit Ctrl+C, and then `docker-compose -f docker-compose-v3-full-grid.yml down` version: "3" services: selenium-event-bus: image: selenium/event-bus:4.1.1-20211217 […]

By nck
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Driver info: driver.version: unknown error running Selenium and Codeception in DDEV (Mac M1)

I was using VirtualBox for development when i had a windows pc. Later i bought a Macbook M1 and installed the DDEV instead of VirtualBox. In my old development virtualbox, i installed selenium and chromedriver in Virtualbox. With this setup i could run Codeception Tests. Since i’m using DDEV for development, i tired to install […]

Open Chrome with Rails Feature Spec using Docker

I can’t figure out how to make the feature specs work when running non-headless feature specs for Rails in Docker. I can get the Chrome to open, but I’m getting ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE (basically, it’s blank) Commands: # chromedriver on the host chromedriver –whitelisted-ips # run the test docker compose run –rm -e "RAILS_ENV=test" -e "HEADLESS=false" web […]

unknown error: DevToolsActivePort file doesn’t exist when running in Docker

I am trying to run chrome using Python and selenium in a Docker container running alpine. It was running fine until one day when it started throwing the following error when I instantiated chrome. Message: unknown error: Chrome failed to start: crashed. (unknown error: DevToolsActivePort file doesn’t exist) (The process started from chrome location /usr/lib/chromium/chrome […]

Selenium/ docker-compose: set several OS

I am training on a project on which I want to run a test (for now) on 3 nodes that I have configured thanks to the docker compose provided by the SeleniumHQ repository here: The problem is that I would also like to configure a different OS on each node. For example: first firefox/windows […]

By Arnaud Michel
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Can Selenium Remote Web Driver work on AWS Lambda?

Overview I am working with Selenium, Docker, and AWS Lambda using python on Windows 10. The only discussion about Selenium and Docker containers revolve around using a Remote web driver such as: driver = webdriver.Remote(command_executor=’’) Question Would there be a problem with running a Remote webdriver within a Lambda Function? If so, is there a […]

selenium grid/cucumber and docker compose: run a parallel test on several nodes

In order to train myself in the technologies mentioned above, I created a project with a single test that checks a user’s navigation on the home page of the stackoverflow site. The hub and the 3 nodes of the selenium grid appear to be correctly configured The test runs correctly and I would now like […]

Selenium grid 4: how to display the docker ui?

I’m training at selenium and docker right now. For this I created a project by following this tutorial that explains how to set up a selenium grid with docker compose. I also went to the docker-selenium repository and used the following yml file: The grid is correctly configured when I navigate to: http://localhost:4444/ui/index.html#/ […]

By Arnaud Michel
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Is it possible to free space used by docker container on restart?

I am trying to fetch mass of urls with Selenium WebDriver (selenium/standalone-chrome:96.0 image), running in container on EC2 instance with 30GB storage. I put many efforts to avoid disc space leaking during this proccess, but finally gave up. So after a while container run out of space and i get error from WebDriver like selenium.common.exceptions.WebDriverException: […]

By Anton Ovsyannikov
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