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Is there way to run ros kinetic docker in AWS robomakers?

I’m searching for multi robot simulation. In current I’m using docker/ROS(kinetic). But.. AWS doesn’t support ROS kinetic & gazebo 7. Is there way to connect ROS kinetic docker in AWS robomakers? or If have a simulator that can run multi robot simulation in cloud environment, Please recommend it? Source: Docker Questions

Docker-compose wont find package

When I try to run docker-compose up to run 2 ROS noetic containers the package couldn’t be found by the container not running roscore. The master container is used to run roscore and the piloot container to run a python script in a catkin package. The catkin package is imported trough a external project folder […]

By JoranNuyts
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Running ROS in docker container and echo/pub from another docker container within same docker network (non-host network)

I am working on running ROS in one docker container and trying to rosnode list to check the information from another container which both of them are under same customize docker network (non host). From the docker side, I am pretty sure that two of the containers could talk with each other because I’ve tried […]

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What is the best practice to start "roscore" followed by "rosrun …." on Docker Container startup?

I have created through a Dockerfile a Docker image on which Ubuntu 18.04 and ROS Melodic are properly installed. Please note that I have not used the official ROS-Docker image for creating my Docker image. The Docker container derived from this Docker image is working fine. However, every time I want to work with the […]

By Coding4Fun
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Is this the right way to run container/ROS?

Recently i was curious about ROS. I did some tutorials, and i managed to start ROS successfully. While learning about ROS, I additionally looked about "Python API", "Docker", etc. I am sittig with this piece of code cannot find any examples in web… I wondered if it was possible to run (docker container –> / […]

By Vlad Paskevits
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Roslibpy client fails to connect a second time

I have a setup where I am developing a roslibpy.Ros client wrapper. I am not a robotics developer so it might be that I am missing some basic things with the Ros client. The setup is as follows: I have a RosBridgeClientWrapper: import roslibpy class _PayloadRosBridgeClient(): def __init__(self, hostname: str, port: int) -> None: self._hostname […]

By Iustinian Olaru
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no such service error when running docker-compose up from the HSR git hub repo

ERROR: no such service: tmc_wrs_docker_xserver_1 This was the error received when following the steps precisely on the I ran the exact same commands on my project partner’s PC and it just worked straight away. I am able to launch the container for the simulator and xserver but not for the workspace. This is […]

By Jam-CPU
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How to build ROS noetic and a ros package using Dockerfile?

I want to build ROS noetic using Dockefile and inside the Docker container, I want to build a package with the same Dockerfile. Here is the Dockerfile which one I am using for building ROS noetic. If you have any suggestion please give me feedback. Thanks. Source: Docker Questions

By Alok Nath
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Mac VS Code Docker X11 Forwarding

I am trying to setup X11 forwarding for my project using VS Code and Docker on macOS Big Sur 11.5.1 so that I can run turtlesim using ROS. I downloaded XQuartz 2.8.1 and set it up according to this article. I updated my devcontainer.json in VS Code to have "runArgs": [ "–cap-add=SYS_PTRACE", "–security-opt", "seccomp=unconfined", "–privileged", […]

By Moosey
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How do I get the "roscore" command to work in Docker?

I have installed Docker, and follow this walkthrough. However, when I am prompted to use the "roscore" command, I get "bash: roscore: command not found". What could I have missed? Source: Docker Questions

By Delta Foxtrot
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