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Connection refuse on post request

I have to update a repo So, I created an image from python:3.7:slim I am using flask for the application After building the image I tries to send a post requst but I got rllib3.exceptions.MaxRetryError: HTTPConnectionPool(host=’′, port=8085): Max retries exceeded with url: /run_product_clustering_request/ (Caused by NewConnectionError(‘<urllib3.connection.HTTPConnection object at 0x7f344c13b5f8>: Failed to establish a new connection: […]

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HTTP request take 300 seconds in docker container

I’m testing the project Goteo with docker and when I navigate to the site, the request HTTP take 200ms for the first requests. But after, request take minute. I use ubuntu 20:04 with firefox. For reproduce: git clone cd goteo/ cp config/docker-settings.yml config/local-docker-settings.yml docker/up The services will start and we can navigate on […]

By Yoan Bousquet
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Run python through frontend request using Django and Docker [closed]

I need to build a website that has a form in it. This form will get info that will further be submitted to a backend python file. This python file is very heavy, it will run with the given input, and when it is done, there should be returned the output to the website. The […]

By Rui Santos
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Frontend cannot send a json to backend: Cross-Origin Request Blocked

I have two containers, one to frontend with VueJS and other to backend with python/flask. With docker compose, I’ve built communicate between 2 containers. The docker network is ok, because in frontend container I can ping backend container. But when frontend app send a json to backend, occurs this error: Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same […]

By Marcel
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Sending GET requests from user input within Docker?

I’m using Golang and trying to take user input from the CLI and send it as a GET request to localhost:8080 but I can’t work out how to do it. I currently have the following and am using a Docker container: func main() { fmt.Println("Enter desired input: ") // Get user input var input string […]

By andredms
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Request can only be served after Gunicorn Worker Timeout and new Worker is booted

I have a Django application in Docker using Gunicorn to run the web server. If I request any URL, say, the page loads for 30 seconds. The reason it loads for 30 seconds is because that’s how long the Gunicorn web worker to timeout, exit, and boot a new worker with a new pid. […]

Error: connect ECONNREFUSED – when trying to communicate between 2 nodejs instances [after running docker-compose up]

I have 3 microservices: react app, nodejs app 1, nodejs app 2 the react app opens well (localhost:3000) in the browser. When I submit a post request from react to nodejs app1, I get the data back properly. But when I post data from nodejs app1 to nodejs app2 – I get the error Error: […]

Slow request on Symfony site – Docker

I created a Symfony application configured with Docker but the request execution time is very slow. Do you know how to speed it up? first image second image Source: Docker Questions

By nathaliej
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Angular Docker container canno’t communicate with Express/NodeJs Dockercontainer

I have a 3 Tier application where: Tier1 is the Ui : Angular2 + NodeJS Tier2 is the API: Nodejs + Express (+ cors, helmet) Tier3 is the database: Mysql v5.7 Everything works as expected when running locally outside Docker. When putting everything into Docker: Everything works as expected between the api and the database, […]

By user12877516
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ConnectionError in Docker with Nodejs API

I would like to put my Nodejs app into a docker. When deploying it via npm run build and start I can send requests to it. But when creating a docker image I getting problems: First I have an EXPOSE 8080 in my Dockerfile. Then I am running docker run -p=3000:8080 –env-file .env my-docker-file. After […]

By user2675468
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