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Why is my multi-stage docker CI/CD pipeline failing to find files?

I’m using a self-hosted GitLab server, and trying to use a CI/CD pipeline in my project to build a docker image using kaniko. I have a Dockerfile that looks like this: # Build stage FROM python:3.6 WORKDIR /usr/src/app COPY /usr/src/app/ RUN pip install –no-cache-dir -r COPY . /usr/src/app # Compiles the code using […]

By John
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Hosting platforms for python django api with docker

What is the best platform to host a python django api with a react front end and also have a docker setup that runs jobs in the background which populates my data Source: Docker Questions

By Joel Homan
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child_process pathing within docker container

I’m attempting to run python scripts within my Node.js server with child_process. Everything works great when I am testing in the development environment but things start to go sideways when it is run within a docker container. I believe that this is a pathing issue, however, after attempting every path I can think of I […]

By Kthomas852
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Django server does not start, the site does not work when starting dockerfile

I’m training in the dockerfile assembly, I can’t understand why it doesn’t work. Python django project GitHub: [][1] At the moment I have such a dockerfile, who knows how to create docker files, help me figure it out and tell me what my mistake is. FROM python:3.8-slim RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y –no-install-recommends […]

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Docker no matching manifest trying to pull python 3.10.1

This was working yesterday morning, then something changed and I can no longer pull python:3.10.1 image: $ docker pull 3.10.1: Pulling from library/python no matching manifest for linux/amd64 in the manifest list entries The strange thing is I can still pull python:3.10 latest with success. Anyone know what’s going on here? I confirmed a […]

By user10000000
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How to bundle Python Flask+uWSGI source code in Dockerfile for deployment?

My agenda is to not push my source code to any cloud repository but still be able to deploy python flask-uwsgi application using the bundled file. Therefore, I want to bundle my python flask-uwsgi application source code into a single file which I should be able to use it in Dockerfile in building image and […]

By Yash Pahuja
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Whats the best way to structure my application and whats the best hosting service to use for this project [closed]

I’m looking to setup an application that scrapes information off the web and stores it in a database that i can build a api off using python and django then have a front end created in react that will display the data. the data am scraping is always be increasing and to keep the time […]

By Joel Homan
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The following packages are not available from current channels | docker | wget

I’m having a problem with a specific library when to build a docker image. The error is: PackagesNotFoundError: The following packages are not available from current channels: – wget==3.1 Current channels: – – I share the DockerFile to facilitate the understanding: # VERSION: 0.1.0 # DESCRIPTION: Basic extensible Jupyter Notebook/Lab Container # BUILD: […]

By Francisco Mart nez Serrano
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Error : Cloud Run error: Container failed to start. Stop Execution of Container/Cloud Run once execution of Python is done

My requirement is to stop the execution of Cloud run/container once the execution of python code is complete. The task is to fetch files from Cloud Storage, process them and then export them back to cloud storage. I am able to complete the task successfully. But the cloud build is ending with below error. "deploy-to-cloud-run": […]

How to configure two servers with different IP in different networks into one cluster in Dask?

I’m trying to set up Dask cluster with docker containers of nodes in different networks. Here is my simplified configurations with one worker. (public IP is randomly written) Node configurations 1. Node 1 (Scheduler) Docker instance IP: Scheduler port: 8786 Dashboard port: 8787 Host IP: 123.456.78.910 (public IP) Forwarding port: 28786(8786), 28787(8787) Open for […]

By Dongjin Yoon
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