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Can not pull docker images when switched to linux containers with error "Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers" behind proxy

I want to run simple docker run hello-world command in Windows machine. I can run the command without error while in Windows container. However, I need to run some Linux specific images but when I switched to Linux Containers and tried to run same command, it gives following error: I checked the Internet but I […]

By Harun Acar
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How can I navigate docker traffic to Intellij

Hi I currently woking on a microservice project, and plan to navigate the traffic for some services to local, so I can use IntelliJ to debug the feature. Can someone offer some ideas or resources? I guess I need to use TCP proxy… thanks! Source: Docker Questions

By hounangogogo
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Nginx reverse proxy on docker to Go and Python app

I’m trying to set up a nginx reverse proxy on docker to proxy to a go app on port 8081 and a python app on port 8080. The nginx proxy seems to work fine locally but on docker it just returns 502 Bad Gateway. How do I go about doing this? Both the go app […]

How to configure a non dockerized nginx to serve static files from a docker container?

Description I have installed NGINX on a ubuntu server. It works and i can run different websites with static files from the same server. Installed docker now and build an image, pushed it to this ubuntu server and run it with docker. I can reach the site with static files when i call it server-ip:port. […]

By leonp5
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Nginx Proxy Manager 502 Bad Gateway error only on https mode

I have a problem with my Nginx Proxy Manager and HTTPS. My Nginx Proxy Manager runs on docker. And my PiHole redirects my domain ( with a custom dns record back to my server (on Port 80) where Nginx Proxy Manager is running. The Proxy Manager is configured to use the Ports of the docker […]

By iawegfib
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407 Proxy Authentication Error When Running Python in Docker but *Not* when running from local environment

I’m having a peculiar issue. When I make requests running my script on my local machine and go through the (paid and authenticated) proxy, it runs just fine. However, when I containerize the application and attempt to run again, I get the following error: File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/requests/", line 513, in send raise ProxyError(e, request=request) requests.exceptions.ProxyError: HTTPSConnectionPool(host=’’, […]

How to set up Apache config file with multiple docker container

Very new to docker Ubuntu20.04, all software updated on time. Need to migrate all Applications from an old server to a new one (ubuntu 16 to 20), and going to use Docker to host them. Docker works well when I use the default port, like 80:80 and 3306:3306. But I need to host multiple applications […]

By Kevin wang
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How to Nginx reverse Proxy to a locally hosted (on a server with ssh access) docker-compose

I cant quite put my finger on how to get this working in this state and id love not to have to redo everything a different way if possible. I have a digital ocean droplet running an NGINX server as well as a docker-compose with a client, server and db image running inside. What i […]

Docker apache container redirect to another container

I got two apache containers connect to the same bridge network. First apache and port 8080 (internally 80) Second apache and port 9999 (internaly 80). First apache is configured with two virtual hosts on port 80. First vhost support on that apache and everything works correctly. Second vhost support and redirect […]

By jaros85
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Pass environment variable to all docker containers?

I am trying to pass an environment variable (HTTP_PROXY) to all docker containers started on a system (Windows Server 2022). I tried using the exec-opts option in the daemon.json file, since I already use it to pass isolation=hyperv to all containers, but it won’t take it (service won’t start without any clear error message). daemon.json […]

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