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How to define publish parts of ports and what are substitutes in docker and k8s?

I’m new in docker and k8s. Topic with ports is hard to understand for me… Basicly I know that we assign ports to containers for access to the container. What is the difference between publishing port: 8080:80 and (Because I’m new in docker and my question might be inexact I’ll clarify – I mean […]

By Dawid Sieczka
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Cannot access a docker webapp on EC2 from a web browser

I am running a webapp in a docker container on Amazon EC2, but my web browser doesn’t show anything and it fails to access. Did I forget anything? I would appreciate it if anybody could point out the cause and provide me with the hint. This is how I run a webapp: [email protected]:~$ sudo docker […]

Can’t connect to static website in Docker container from host

I’ve reviewed several posts on this topic and can’t yet find a resolution that works for me How to access Docker container's web server from host Can’t connect to static website in Docker container from host. I have followed this tutorial the docker container from that effort runs and when I exec into […]

By bradmax
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When mapping host ports to container ports, the host ports are only visible after restarting docker engine

When I run my docker container, I cannot always access the host exposed ports. Take this simple example of a couchdb service in a docker compose file. version: ‘3.8’ services: couch: container_name: couch image: couchdb:latest env_file: – ./.env expose: – 5984 ports: – "5984:5984" volumes: – ../database/data:/opt/couchdb/data I would expect the port 5984 to be […]

By woddlepad
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container port available externally calling container port not available externally on server: ERR_ADDRESS_INVALID

I am a developer trying using this repo as a base to instantiate kong. In order to use Kong Manager GUI, I updated this service: kong: platform: linux/amd64 image: "${KONG_DOCKER_TAG:-kong:latest}" user: "${KONG_USER:-kong}" environment: <<: *kong-env KONG_ADMIN_ACCESS_LOG: /dev/stdout KONG_ADMIN_ERROR_LOG: /dev/stderr KONG_PROXY_LISTEN: "${KONG_PROXY_LISTEN:-}" KONG_ADMIN_LISTEN: "${KONG_ADMIN_LISTEN:-}" KONG_PROXY_ACCESS_LOG: /dev/stdout KONG_PROXY_ERROR_LOG: /dev/stderr KONG_PREFIX: ${KONG_PREFIX:-/var/run/kong} KONG_DECLARATIVE_CONFIG: "/opt/kong/kong.yaml" KONG_ADMIN_GUI_URL: "${KONG_ADMIN_GUI_LISTEN:-}" KONG_ADMIN_API_URI: "${KONG_ADMIN_API_LISTEN:-}" […]

By mhery
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Spring boot: Docker port binding

In my spring-boot app’s, I have set server.port to 9090,and all works fine. Now I am trying to dockerize my app: FROM openjdk:11 ARG JAR_FILE=target/*.jar COPY ${JAR_FILE} app.jar ENTRYPOINT ["java","-jar","/app.jar"] ..and I launch container as: docker build -t springio/my-very-simple-spring-app . docker run -p 9092:9090 springio/my-very-simple-spring-app So how do ports binding work now? We have […]

By Mandroid
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Hosting multiple web applications on same web server

I’m hosting my web application on my 1.2tb spaced server and it can be accessed using the address "". I am hosting another web application on the same server, but it can only be accessed by visitors using the same address ( but through a different port number. I want the other application to be […]

By Script Kiddie
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host machine can’t connect to a mongodb database on docker-compose [closed]

I have the following docker-compose for mongo-db container, when I try to use URL mongodb://root:[email protected]:27017 inside MongoDb Compass, I get "Authentication failed." Below is my docker-compose file: version: ‘3’ services: mongo-db: image: mongo restart: always expose: – "27017" ports: – "27017:27017" environment: MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_USERNAME: root MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_PASSWORD: example networks: – magic_store_local_network networks: magic_store_local_network: Source: Docker Questions

By user1187968
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how to interact with a COM port from a docker container (Windows container)

Thank you for reading me. I am on Windows 10 and I am new to Docker. I am currently developing an API under net core 5. This will later be deployed in a docker container for local use. In one of my methods, I interact with an invoice normalization machine by sending instructions to the […]

By Developer Ishowo
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WordPress install with Docker doesn’t work

I’m completely beginner with Docker and I’m trying to install wordpress (without database) from a base ubuntu 20.04 image with docker. I’m using apache server for this. Here is my wordpress2_ms.dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:20.04 as baseimage SHELL ["/bin/bash", "-c"] ARG DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive RUN apt update && apt install -y wget tar curl sudo systemctl RUN apt install […]

By B J
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