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Experiments with Podman-compose hanging

I have a rather simple docker-compose file (One Mongo Service, one test service): version: "3.7" services: mongo: image: container_name: mongo environment: – MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_USERNAME=root – MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_PASSWORD=example test: build: context: ./.. dockerfile: ./tests/Dockerfile image: antarctic_test volumes: – ./../tests/:/project/tests:ro – ./../xxx/:/project/xxx:ro depends_on: – mongo command: > poetry run pytest # should I kill mongo service explicitly here. […]

By tschm
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Podman/Buildah Install/Use cling-xeus

I am trying to get xeus-cling to work on a OCI image, currently I am using buildah + podman. I run into two problems I try to create an environment with mamba/conda, however it needs conda/mamba init bash too run then to restart the shell. But its hard to get it to restart while its […]

By The Floating Brain
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How do I access a db container when using podman-compose?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to connect to a mariadb container while using podman-compose and I keep getting an error. Here’s what I’ve done: Software Versions podman version = 3.3.1 docker-compose version = podman-compose-0.1.7-2.git20201120.el8.noarch` docker-compose.yml version: ‘3’ services: db: image: mariadb:latest environment: MARIADB_USER: user MARIADB_PASSWORD: pass MARIADB_DATABASE: testdb MARIADB_ROOT_PASSWORD: rootpass volumes: – db_data:/var/lib/mysql […]

By user2470057
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Access private docker registry with podman on MacOS with SSH keys

I’m trying to switch from Docker to Podman on MacOS, but I have a problem reaching the company’s image registry with it. To access it I need to use SSH keys. If I run podman pull I get the following error: Error: initializing source docker:// pinging container registry Get "": x509: certificate signed by […]

By Djent
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How do communicate podman from server1 to podman from server2

I am currently designing a podman architecture, if I have 2 vm system with podman support. how can I communicate each other via cni network? Should I either use network=host or published all expose port approaches, or am I missing out of some podman feature ?? Giving an illustration below, how can a pod1 service […]

By taymedee
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How to use podman’s ssh build flag?

I have been using the docker build –ssh flag to give builds access to my keys from ssh-agent. When I try the same thing with podman it does not work. I am working on macOS Monterey 12.0.1. Intel chip. This is an example Dockerfile: FROM python:3.10 RUN mkdir -p -m 0600 ~/.ssh && ssh-keyscan […]

By Ruairi O Brien
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podman machine – Cannot connect to Podman on MacOS

I am using podman on MacOS with podman machine and now podman is unable to connect to the podman machine. (It worked earlier but not sure the new macOS version causing the issue) MacOS Monterey (12.1) $ podman machine init Extracting compressed file $ podman machine start INFO[0000] waiting for clients… INFO[0000] listening tcp:// INFO[0000] […]

By Gineesh
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Can’t connect database container with server container using a single pod

I am creating a POD file with multiple containers. One is a webserver container and another is my PostgreSQL container. Here is my pod file named simple.yaml apiVersion: v1 kind: Pod metadata: creationTimestamp: "2022-01-01T16:28:15Z" labels: app: eltask name: eltask spec: containers: – name: el_web command: – ./entrypoints/ env: – name: PATH value: /usr/local/bundle/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin – name: […]

By Engr Tanbir Hasan
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Mandatory command or entrypoint in docker-compose

We just started moving our app to containers so I am very new to container world. In our container image we only have the base linux image with some rpms installed and some scripts copied to the container. We were thinking that we will not have any command/entrypoint in the image itself. When the container […]

By anuragz
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No space left on device error in podman run command

While running podman run command for oracle version 12, I am getting the following error: log file is : /home/oracle/setup/log/configDB.log /home/oracle/setup/ line 87: /home/oracle/setup/log/configDB.log: No space left on device cat: /home/oracle/setup/log/configDB.log: No such file or directory grep: /home/oracle/setup/log/configDB.log: No such file or directory is done at 51 sec Done ! The database is ready […]

By Arindam
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