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Can I create parser classes on container initialization?

I’m using docker and docker-compose to easily setup parser-server for a project using the parseplatform/parse-server image. Is there any way to pass a schema on parse first run to populate the database with the required classes? I’m keeping PARSE_SERVER_ALLOW_CLIENT_CLASS_CREATION as false. Any ENV variables that I’m not aware of? Is the only alternative pulling the […]

DSM docker parse-server can’t access cloud code or config file

I’ve used yongjhih/parse-server as my container image for a while, but this image wasn’t updated over 4 years so I moved to the official parseplatform/parse-server image, and connected it to the parse-dashboard official image. Both working fine, and I’ve successfully saved objects to the DB using the dashboard console. Problems: My parse-server ignoring config.json file […]

Parse-server on docker, using https

I wanted to know what is the right way to access parse-server over https using mobile app with the Parse-SDK-iOS-OSX. My server (including MongoDB and dashboard) is currently hosted on a docker container on DSM (Synology NAS DS220+). For now I access it over http on port 1337, for development purposes only. So what is […]

Parse Server on Openstack with docker and communicate through network with Parse API(also sign in to view parse dashboard)

I’m setting up a cloud infrastructure for our institution so that students can use it for free with parse as BaaS(Backend as a Service), We want to have a dashboard where students can login and create or manage the parse instances, also the app credentials should be auto created like in back4app and also how […]

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