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"DPI-1047: Cannot locate a 64-bit Oracle Client library: file too short" When running docker image to connect to oracle database

When trying to run my docker image, I am presented with the following error: cx_Oracle.DatabaseError: DPI-1047: Cannot locate a 64-bit Oracle Client library: "oracle_lib/instantclient_21_4/ file too short" This is my dockerfile FROM python:3.9 WORKDIR /app RUN apt-get update -y RUN apt-get install libaio1 COPY ../requirements.txt /app RUN pip install -r requirements.txt COPY ./ /app ENV […]

By bendwet
Categorised as docker, oracle, python Tagged , , missing on oracle enterprise database docker image

I am running the official oracle database image. The sqlplus client was working normally. After numerous container stops and removals, suddenly when I try to start the sql client I started getting : sqlplus: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I accessed the container […]

By Veselin Vasilev
Categorised as database, docker, oracle, sqlplus Tagged , , ,

"cx_Oracle.DatabaseError: DPI-1047: Cannot locate a 64-bit Oracle Client library" issue with oracle on docker

I have oracle database 12.2 in a docker container. I need to connect my local python script (which is not on any container) with the oracle database. So far I have installed cx_Oracle with, pip install cx_Oracle My python script… import cx_Oracle try: con = cx_Oracle.connect(‘user/[email protected]:1521/ORCLPDB1.localdomain’) except cx_Oracle.DatabaseError as e: print(‘Cannot connect’, e) else: try: […]

By Sultanul Arifin
Categorised as cx-oracle, docker, oracle, python Tagged , , ,

How to get the DSN of Oracle Database docker image for go application?

I built up a go API that aims to get data from oracle database note that I’m trying to connect it using this statement: database, error := sql.Open("odbc", "DSN=ORCLCDB.localdomain;Uid=user;Pwd=password") Once I run it gives me this error SQLDriverConnect: {IM002} [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified I don’t really […]

By M Al
Categorised as api, docker, go, odbc, oracle Tagged , , , ,

How can i connect to the oracle database between docker containers?

I have two containers that is created from docker-compose, one has api with springboot and the other oracle database, however it does’n connect the api to the database and I already ran out options, I tried configure the connection in the and also docker-compose.yml This is docker-compose.yml version: "3.7" services: app: image: "bm_spring_boot:latest" build: […]

By DaxTter77
Categorised as docker, docker-compose, java, oracle Tagged , , , Got tag 7830 instead of 16. when running in container

I am trying to add support for wallet sign-in to some services that uses oracle, however I’ve run into this problem that i can’t really quite figure out. The basic is that I use a company-shared library that implements ojdbc8-production and this shared library is already being used in other services to set up a […]

By Harambo
Categorised as docker, java, oracle, oracle-wallet Tagged , , ,

Is there a way to get Oracle 18c or 21c Express edition running on M1 MacBook Pro

Dear StackOverflow Community, i have bought myself a MacBook Pro M1 Pro 2021 and I need for my school a running instance of Oracle 18c or 21c Express Edition. I have tried creating a VM and running a docker inside of it, but it obviously did not work. I have also tried running a docker […]

By Dusto
Categorised as docker, oracle, oracle21c Tagged , ,

docker-compose and Oracle 18c PDB: Is there a way to use a PDB as the datasource instead of a DMP file?

I am new to using PDBs so excuse me if my description doesn’t make as much sense as I think it does. I am using a docker compose file to start up an oracle xe 18c container. Currently it starts the DB and imports the designated DMP file. I have made scripts to create a […]

By Alioo
Categorised as docker, oracle, oracle18c, pluggable Tagged , , , cannot open shared object file, using Docker, Oracle, Python,

I have tried every article I can find on stackoverflow and I still get the error: load by OS failure: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I have tried 3 different ways: FROM python:3.9-buster ENV DPI_DEBUG_LEVEL=64 # Installing Oracle instant client # INSTALL TOOLS RUN apt-get update && apt-get -y […]

By jasonlehmanusf
Categorised as bash, docker, linux, oracle, python Tagged , , , ,

Problem creating a container – Oracle Cloud

I just really need too much help. My project is at 99% and I just need to solve this problem, I really appreciate some support. I will try to be as accurate as possible. I created my instance and accessed it through putty. I entered root mode and downloaded the necessary files to use dockers. […]

By Rodrigo
Categorised as containers, docker, flask, oracle, python Tagged , , , ,
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