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problem with docker container creating a VPN tunnel

I’m trying to make an OpenVPN server using docker I just started creating a tunnel between 2 containers after installing openvpn on both container the command : openvpn –dev tun1 –ifconfig gave me this error: Mon Jul 12 12:26:28 2021 disabling NCP mode (–ncp-disable) because not in P2MP client or server mode Mon […]

By Omaima Younsi
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openVPN inside docker image

I am trying to create a docker image which has a python script that connects to an API through VPN using openVPN, however, I cannot seem to get openVPN to be working. I my docker file I have # Install openVPN and get confi files RUN mkdir /config ADD ./config/. /config RUN apt-get install -y […]

By Martin Petri Bagger
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Reaching a docker container through a dockerized openvpn from a client

I’m trying to reach a docker container through a vpn tunnel. The target docker container and the openvpn docker container are both on the same remote machine. So far I have, created a docker network with a bridge driver on subnet with gateway attached a nginx container to this network : nginxdemos/hello created […]

By machinus
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docker vpn gateway without modifying ip tables

I am currently hiring a VPS to host my website and some other stuff. All neatly running in dockers (since last week). One of the things i want the VPS to do, is monitor my home automation stuff using prometheus, but i forsee more scripts running there for my home automation as well. Since i […]

OpenVpn Vs. docker OpenVpn

I am about to setup OpenVpn but I came across the docker version of OpenVpn which apparently does not have any limitation in number of users who can connect to it, while it allows only 2 users for free in non-Docker version. I would like to know the reason as well as the difference between […]

By M R
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How to expose docker network via OpenVPN client to all VPN clients

In general I’m deploying some services on its own docker network. Also there is sidecar container per service/network which going to expose service network to VPN clients. (there is no kubernetes involved) In my experiments I’d like to expose docker network to all VPN clients via sidecar container ( As a result at the […]

By Silk0vsky
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Docker Open VPN Connected But Not Access Internet in docker

The openvpn connection is successful. But I make a call to the internet. I could not know there is a problem in the network structure. At the request of your help. This Sample Repo: My result Routes # ip route via dev tun1 default via dev eth0 via dev […]

By Mesut AKIR
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Forbidden 403: access private web site from and to openvpn network (client use public ip instead openvpn ip)

I’m trying to access a private web site from/to an openvpn network. But, nginx tells, in the access.log, that the client use his public IP instead of his private openvpn ip. Here you can see my network: OpenVPN server (tun mode): (server public ip) (docker bridge) (openvpn server container) (openvpn server […]

running openvpn in a corretto docker image fails with security issue

I have installed openvpn into a corretto docker image thusly: FROM amazoncorretto RUN amazon-linux-extras install epel RUN yum -y install p7zip openvpn I get an error when it tries to see the TUN device. ERROR: Cannot open TUN/TAP dev /dev/net/tun: No such file or directory (errno=2) So after a little reading I tried to create […]

By Jim
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Docker Transmission-openvpn run command fails

I’m trying to run a docker run command for an automated plex server but I can’t find much for transmission openvpn. This is what I did find, but when I have all the correct info filled in and I run it the container immediately exits with error code 1. docker run –cap-add=NET_ADMIN -d -v /home/swakes/docker/transmission:/data […]

By ZeroVelocity
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