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unable to run npm install in docker image (getting auth error)?

I have a very simple Dockerfile FROM node:17.3.1 as build WORKDIR /app COPY package*.json . RUN npm install COPY . . RUN npm run build FROM node:17.3.1 WORKDIR /app COPY package.json . RUN npm install –only=production COPY –from=build /app/dist ./dist CMD npm run start:prod When running docker build -t nestjs-hello-world . I am getting the […]

By Nik
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Error: Node.js version v10.24.1 detected. Docker

I am trying to create an image of my angular 12 and .net5 application with docker and running into this error message trying to build the frontend. #18 69.11 > ng build "–prod" #18 69.11 #18 69.20 Node.js version v10.24.1 detected. #18 69.20 The Angular CLI requires a minimum Node.js version of either v12.14 or […]

By Stanislav Mozolevskiy
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Tailiwind fail to build on Jekyll website with no error

I’m having a static website build on Jekyll and I’m trying to integrate Tailwing in it. I’m running everything on Docker so this is my setup // Jekyll website _includes — head.html _layouts — default.html _sass — tw.css css — styles.css index.html package-lock.json package.json // package.json "scripts": { "test": "echo "Error: no test specified" && […]

By ltdev
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=> ERROR [5/5] RUN npm install or yarn in Dockerfile

I am trying to dockerise react app but when reach the command to install npm it throws an error my Dockerfile FROM node:12.6.0-alpine # set working directory RUN mkdir /app COPY . /app WORKDIR /app ENV PATH /app/node_modules/.bin:$PATH RUN yarn # start app CMD ["npm", "start"]“` **The error as this when it reaches the command […]

By yusuf
Categorised as docker, npm, reactjs, yarn-v2 Tagged , , ,

Failed to start npm Docker aspnet angular SPA app

I was trying for a lot of hours to solve this issue but it seems I cannot find the cause. I have the following Dockerfile: FROM AS base WORKDIR /app ENV ASPNETCORE_URLS=http://+:5000 ENV ASPNETCORE_HTTP_PORT=5000 ENV ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT="Production" EXPOSE 5000 RUN apt-get -qq update && apt-get -qqy –no-install-recommends install wget gnupg git unzip RUN apt-get update […]

By Alice
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node-pre-gyp not accessible from fsevents

I am getting the following error when deploying my container #15 1.066 npm ERR! node-pre-gyp not accessible from fsevents #15 1.076 #15 1.076 npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in: #15 1.076 npm ERR! /root/.npm/_logs/2022-01-11T11_40_13_120Z-debug.log —— executor failed running [/bin/sh -c npm ci]: exit code: 1 following is my dockerfile […]

By Juzer Hakimji
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How to run bash scripts via NPM in Docker container

I am unable to properly run bash scripts with NPM within a Docker container. If NPM is used to run a bash script then it runs it as a nameless user with ID 1000 that cannot use sudo to change file permissions and cannot call further NPM scripts. Dockerfile: FROM php:8.1-apache RUN a2enmod rewrite RUN […]

By MichaelRushton
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NPM – why do I get EBADEGINE errors while I meet versions requirements installing reactjs dependancies on docker (buster)?

Trying to run this on docker, but I get EBADENGINE unsupported engine warning (and subsquent build fail, which I assume are related at least somewhat). Docker command (from cloned project root with package.json file): $ docker build –force-rm -t crmui:dev . …. Step 6/9 : RUN npm install –legacy-peer-deps —> Running in 34978d87b4eb npm WARN […]

By logicOnAbstractions
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When using the official Node docker images, should the node user run npm and node? Should we avoid root in build, dev, test or prod environments?

Before containerization, it was recommended we run node as an unprivileged user. Later versions of npm get angry when they run as root. What is the community consensus on running node and npm as root in various environments? Source: Docker Questions

By Jeff
Categorised as containers, docker, node.js, npm Tagged , , ,

Docker Container with NPM and Python service not working (Streamlit)

I am working on a streamlit project, it’s based on python. I found a vue template I want to work on that already integrates a streamlit version. For this, I need to install Nodejs, Python and using npm or yarn the needed packages inside the github repository. I want to dockerize everything in one container. […]

By LaFllamme
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