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Adding extra node to Node-RED using docker-compose

Hello and thanks for your time. I’m trying to add an extra node to Node-RED (openapi-red). When starting the app I’m not getting any errors and everything seems to work fine, however the extra node doesn’t show up in Node-RED. All I’m trying to do is have this extra node appear in Node-RED. I have […]

By baspap54
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Not able to connect MySQL server running on docker with Node-Red container

I have a VM (OS: Ubuntu 18.04) running in azure cloud in which I have installed docker. In docker I have two containers MySQL and node-red, I am trying to connect my MySQL with node-red and I get the following error message in Node-Red "Error: ER_NOT_SUPPORTED_AUTH_MODE: Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; […]

By Antony
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Converting subflows into modules in node-RED

i’m new to node-red and docker. For my internship i was asked to convert a subflow into a module (in order to be in the palette of every instance of node-RED created) So, i’ve started with a little example shoing how to add custom node as a module by following these steps (the node-RED is […]

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Run a python script in node-red running on Docker

I’m trying to run a python script saved on my local system in node-red which is running as a docker container. I copied the python script into the docker container as the exec node was unable to locate the file using this command – cat /local/file/path | docker exec -i <running-container-id> sh -c ‘cat > […]

By Tanishq Singh
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custom Docker image runs fine in Docker but in Kubernetes is not showing customized data

I have built a Dockerfile from an official image of Nodered and added some custom nodes. After build I ran a Docker container which runs fine and show the custom nodes I added. Now I pushed the custom image to a private registry and when using it in a kubernetes deployment pods runs fine but […]

By Maury Diaz
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Node-red can’t connect to broker to produce messages (Kafka and Zookeeper are in docker containers)

I’m creating an app that shows real-time data coming from IIoT. My whole app is in docker containers with Kafka and Zookeeper running without a problem, I execute node-red (in my local machine) and it connected successfully but when I tried to produce messages from IIoT in node-red it gives "Connection down started queuing messages". […]

By Q Aimad
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How to run Node-Red on Docker with multiple environments with git

I’m running Node-Red on my server, and I want it to follow the deployment process like we are doing with code- working locally, making changes, commit and push. Here is the list of the requirements: Run Node-Red on Docker. Track and backup tasks, configurations, all with Git Ability to clone the repository and start Node-Red, […]

By baruchiro
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Node RED on Docker writing on MYSQL database

I am running Node-RED on Docker, and I am trying to write data to MySQL on my localhost. Node-Red Host As host, I am using localhost (see picture). I receive the error: connection refused. Which Host address should I use here? I don’t quite understand the communication between the container and the local host. Source: […]

By mate2023
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How to run an application through docker in AWS EC2; integrating it with node-red

I was trying to run an application through docker since I have a windows 10 home. I am not able to download it on my OS, so I tried to do it on AWS EC2 (ubuntu). Then I was able to run the application through docker successfully, but I don’t know to make it work […]

Node-red auth ‘login failed’ with 403 error

I’m not sure where to start with fixing this one. I’ve tried changing permissions of directories incase it was related to that but to no avail. Node-red v 1.3.5 Running in docker container Ubuntu 20.04 I change settings.js to add a hashed version of my password but just get ‘login failed’ when trying the username […]

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