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Moving Docker Images from Nexus Repository to Azure Container Registry

I have almost 500 GB of Docker Images in a Private Nexus Repository. I want to migrate it to Azure Container Registry. I have tried running "az acr import" utility using AzureCloud CLI. The connection to the private Nexus Registry seems getting initiated (As I could see an output like Running……) but then nothing happens […]

By Subagchi
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Nexus container not starting up

Facing this error as i check my resource utilization on server is high but after fixing it giving this error.Can any body suggest how to fix this ? Nexus docker container not starting up and the same time sonarqube container down too ERROR [FelixStartLevel] *SYSTEM – Failed transition: NEW -> STARTED com.orientechnologies.orient.core.exception.OStorageException: Cannot open […]

By esngsrj
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how to specify arguments like –tls-verify=false on Jenkins Docker withRegistry

I am having a hard time determining how to specify arguments, like –tls-verify=false when using docker.withRegistry in Jenkins. I have a private Nexus Repository where I want to push my container image to. The private repository does not have TLS so I need to disable it. I am able to push from the command line […]

By gnychis
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Can’t proxy 3rd docker server with nexus

I’m trying to create a local cache proxy for " " with nexus repo manager. but when I try to pull images with "ocker pull nexus_server:port/nginx/nginx" I got the following message: Error response from daemon: manifest for not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown and the following message in the nexus log. 2021-12-22 09:24:26,208+0330 INFO […]

By alireza sadeghpour
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Docker-compose with extra_hosts fails, but docker build add-host succeeds

Why can’t I map this docker command, which pip installs packages from a local network repository hosted at $> docker build -t demo –no-cache –add-host . which succeeds, into this docker-compose configuration: version: "3" services: app: build: context: . extra_hosts: [‘’] command: > sh -c "ping -c 4" which fails during the […]

By Dave
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How to copy Docker images from Docker to Nexus

How can you copy all the latest repos from and push them Nexus. Security wants to have the docker images being uses in Nexus so they can be scanned or something like that. Trying to avoid having to go repo by repo to get the latest image and then pulling them to my machine […]

By LordRazon
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Another error response from daemon: login attempt to … failed with status: 404 Not Found

I’m new with Jenkins, docker and nexus. I’m trying to upload a maven jar artifact (already done) and a docker image into my Nexus v3 server repository using a multibranch pipeline. The script of the multibranch pipeline is the following pipeline { agent any tools{ maven ‘3.6.3’ } environment { // This can be nexus3 […]

In Sonatype Nexus Docker proxy, how do I debug "Bad request" error?

I’ve been following the instructions to set up a Proxy Repository for Docker. I am intending to set up a proxy for Docker hub, that is for My setup details on Nexus Nexus version 3.36.0-01 Installed via docker-compose Generated/installed self-signed cert Using built-in https/jetty, NOT reverse proxy http listening on port 80 https listening […]

By EdwardTeach
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Setup custom cleanup for docker images in nexus repository

I’ve been handling docker images stored in our nexus repository by using cleanup policies. these are good for basic behavior, configured in the tasks that run daily (or hourly or w.e you want) like so: first task will be of type Admin – Cleanup repositories using their associated policies 2nd of type Docker – Delete […]

By Sleepy
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Issues while creating windows container nexus

For business reasons I’m forced to create a Windows Container for our internal nexus repo. This is my docker file : FROM RUN mkdir "c:nexus" WORKDIR c:/nexus RUN mkdir "sonatype-work" RUN mkdir "nexus-3.36.0-01" COPY nexus-3.36.0-01 "nexus-3.36.0-01" COPY sonatype-work "sonatype-work" RUN cd "c:nexusnexus-3.36.0-01bin" EXPOSE 8081 CMD ["nexus.exe"] I am using windows nano server image and […]

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