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Authentication fails when running neo4j container in docker compose

Hello I am trying to containerize a neo4j service into a docker container on a windows host using docker for windows. However I have an issue when running this docker compose in that when trying to log on to the neo4j browser the authentication is not updated and you have to log in using neo4j/neo4j […]

By kiooikml
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Neo4j Docker Compose with Python FastAPI, Traefic on https, "Connection refused"

I’m using a Docker compose with multiple containers (a custom version of Full Stack FastAPI, but with Neo4j included). Full docker-compose.yml here and an excerpt for neo4j: neo4j: image: neo4j networks: – ${TRAEFIK_PUBLIC_NETWORK?Variable not set} – default ports: – "6477:6477" – "7474:7474" – "7687:7687" volumes: – app-neo4j-data:/data – app-neo4j-plugins:/plugins env_file: – .env environment: – NEO4J_ACCEPT_LICENSE_AGREEMENT=yes […]

By Turukawa
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Cannot access Kubernetes exposed services by NodePort – The requests reaches timeout – What am I doing wrong?

I know there are many questions concerning this aspect… but until now I could not find any answers. I tried two images (Apache Solr and Neo4J). Tried different namespaces, clusterIP, edit /etc/hosts, ingress, tunnel, minikube ip and all my requests got no response. I tried these images standalone in Docker and they answer properly… with […]

By lordshark
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ServiceUnavailable: WebSocket connection failure after :server connect for neo4j

I want to launch Neo4j on my machine with dokcer. I downloaded it and did it: docker run -p 7474:7474 neo4j Pero sobre http://localhost:7474/browser/ obtengo: ServiceUnavailable: WebSocket connection failure. Due to security constraints in your web browser, the reason for the failure is not available to this Neo4j Driver. Please use your browsers development console […]

By UsingFedora35
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Not able to login in neo4j hosted in docker on gcp

errorI have a dockerized deployment of neo4j on the google cloud platform. I am able to bring up the UI of neo4j on and I am forwarding the port on my local PC where I am able to access the UI but not able to authenticate neo4j. here’s my docker file services: zookeeper: image: […]

By Priya Shah
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Container not starting after wrong superviserd configuration

I have one container to run neo4j, i am using supervisord to manage process. In running container i did change in supervisord_add.conf file and reloaded supervisorctl using supervisorctl reload. However this change was not correct and container stopped and not starting. To revert my change i did docker cp correct_supervisor_add.conf containerId:/etc/supervisor_add.conf. Even after this container […]

By ankit
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DOCKER and Neo4j container for windows powershell

I cannot get neo4j in docker from Windows PowerShell.(can’t access port) I’m getting an error. It is possible to use: "docker pull neo4j" But the disadvantage is we cannot open the port/ can’t access in google or website. Solution: docker run -d –name myneo –publish=7474:7474 –publish=7687:7687 -v data:/data -v logs:/logs neo4j:latest Reference: Source: Docker […]

By Vaibhav Yalla
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I want to load the dump file inside of my docker container

I created a "database.dump" file of my local neo4j database, and then created a docker image that also contains that database.dump file. I now want to load that .dump file inside of my docker container. I have tried : docker exec –interactive –tty <containerID/name> neo4j-admin load –from=(path inside docker) –database=neo4j –force. I keep getting neo4j-admin […]

By Creator
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Configuring neo4j container with docker name volume

I’m trying to configure neo4j container volume in a docker-compose.yml file. Here is my code: version: "3" services: neo4j: container_name: neo4j image: neo4j:latest restart: always ports: – 7474:7474 – 7687:7687 volumes: – ./chainbreaker_app/neo4j/conf:/var/lib/neo4j/conf/ – ./chainbreaker_app/neo4j/data:/data – ./chainbreaker_app/neo4j/import:/import – ./chainbreaker_app/neo4j/logs:/logs – ./chainbreaker_app/neo4j/plugins:/plugins environment: # Raise memory limits – NEO4J_AUTH=neo4j/123 – NEO4J_apoc_import_file_enabled=true – NEO4J_apoc_export_file_enabled=true – NEO4J_dbms_memory_pagecache_size=1G networks: […]

By Juanchobanano
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Kubernetes pod FileLockException: Lock file has been locked by another process – neo4j 4.2

As per part of our Kubernetes deployment of neo4j 4.2, we are getting this exception. We got only 1 pod running and now its going into CrashloopBackoff. The backend is Google filestore, but as of now no one is accessing that. Need help – 2021-09-16 17:43:00.981+0000 INFO Starting… 2021-09-16 17:43:02.873+0000 INFO ======== Neo4j 4.2.9 ======== […]

By Paras Bansal
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