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NestJS and docker-compose error on build, main file not found

So I’ve been working with a NestJS app using docker compose and Typescript. I didn’t had any issues until recently, now every time I do docker-compose build myApp and docker-compose up myAppthe container fails and shows this error message: I’ve tried a few things to solve the issue, for example I delete the container and […]

Why is core microservice returning 404?

I wrote a small demo to understand microservices and DDD. This is the file structure. ├───.dockerignore ├───docker-compose.yml ├───Dockerfile ├───MicroserviceDemo.sln ├───MicroserviceDemo.Application │ ├───MicroserviceDemo.Application.csproj │ └───… ├───MicroserviceDemo.Domain │ ├───MicroserviceDemo.Domain.csproj │ └───… └───MicroserviceDemo.Infrastructure ├───MicroserviceDemo.Infrastructure.csproj └───… If I run docker compose, the container run fine but I get a 404 when navigating to localhost:5000/swagger. I tried creating another dockerfile […]

By sebsmgzz
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Docker Microservice architecture – multiple postgres databases

I am planning a little project containing two different REST services and one frontend service. For the two backend services I want to store data in a database. My question is: What would be the best-practice concerning the setup for the database docker containers? Split the two databases into two different docker containers or instead […]

Can not access and read a .zip file in a docker container

I have a Busplan-Service in Spring Boot using the GtfsDao-Interface. In a Docker-setup I want to publish some bus-stops from a .txt-file saved in a .zip-file. This .zip-file is saved in the Spring-Application at ./src/main/resources/ On the local setup everything works fine, but at the running server the REST-Service doesn’t provide any data. The .zip-file […]

By patebn
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Microservice + Docker

When we deploy any application on a virtual machine we have an underlying OS, then we install java ,then an application server and at last our application. As we are now moving toward microservice architecture we are using containers. The container will not have its OS and will use the host OS. So now to […]

By Pankaj
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Every time you change the service, you constantly need to edit the models and this is a real pain [closed]

We will have a lot of micro services on symphony and docker. A bundle with models is connected to each service. Every time you change a service you often have to change models and this is a real pain. For new models to appear in the service, you need to: Push changes to the repository […]

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How do communicate podman from server1 to podman from server2

I am currently designing a podman architecture, if I have 2 vm system with podman support. how can I communicate each other via cni network? Should I either use network=host or published all expose port approaches, or am I missing out of some podman feature ?? Giving an illustration below, how can a pod1 service […]

By taymedee
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Build different maven modules (Spring boot microservices architecture)

Is there a way to build all the maven modules inside the microservices? Because now, for Dockerize it, i must change my directory in the terminal and then run "mvn clean install -DskipTests". There is a way, maybe adding a pom file, to build all the microservices in one time? Ty very much! My architecture […]

How to Create a Container for Each Microservice in the Same Folder

I have a project that has two microservices that need to communicate to each other through REST. For each microservice, I want to have a container in my Docker. Each one of the containers will run a Python program (microservice). As it can be seen beneath, we have an example of how the files are […]

By Jo o Victor
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How to build Microservices with CQRS pattern using Nestjs?

Recently come across to Microservice architecture and CQRS (command query responsibility segregation), I can understand both concept, but I am confuse when 2 pattern come together, how can we implements this 2 pattern all together? First of all, based on my understanding, in Layman terms, Microservice is like break the different part in our app […]

By Ken
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