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What are the system requirements for kubernetes?

I am doing a project for my Software Architecture class and one section we must include in our documentation is System requirements. I can not find them anywhere. Can anyone tell me what the system requirements are or where to find them please? Source: Docker Questions

Kubernetes (MicroK8S) pod stuck in ContainerCreating state ("Pulling image")

In some cases after a node reboot the Kubernetes cluster managed by MicroK8S cannot start pods. With a describe of the pod failing to be ready I could see that the pod was stuck in a "Pulling image" state during several minutes without any other event, as following: Events: Type Reason Age From Message —- […]

By Mica l F lix
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GitLab Auto DevOps on Kubernetes hangs, network timeouts, cannot execute yj

When using GitLab Auto DevOps to build and deploy application from my repository to microk8s, the build jobs often take a long time to run, eventually timing out. The issue happens 99% of the time, but some builds run through. Often, the build stops at a different time in the build script. The projects do […]

microk8s not running after installation

I want to install kubeflow using microk8s on kubernetes cluster, but I faced a problem with microk8s. I already install microk8s using this link. So, when I tried to see the status on microk8s, it was said not running microk8s is not running. Use microk8s inspect for a deeper inspection. When I try to inspect […]

Does microk8s allow pulling from insecure registry?

For docker pull we can do something like the following so it can pull from a local registry by running docker pull localhost:32000/hello:latest. { "insecure-registries" : [ "localhost:32000" ] } Is there similar config can be done, such when running cmd like: microk8s ctr image pull localhost:32000/hello:latest it doesn’t run into server gave HTTP response […]

By jack2684
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invalid capacity 0 on image filesystem ext4 ( Not ZFS)

We are getting below error with microk8s kubectl describe node command we are using microk8s kubernetes cluster and now the node is in not ready state. Can anyone please help on this issue Source: Docker Questions

Microk8s trouble launching local docker image

I’m using the latest version of microk8s and docker on the same VM. microk8s registry is enabled. I restaged my image argus $ docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE argus 0.1 6d72b6be9981 3 hours ago 164MB localhost:32000/argus registry 6d72b6be9981 3 hours ago 164MB then I pushed it $ docker push localhost:32000/argus:registry The push […]

By Thagor
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Deploy Jenkins on micro8s cluster on raspberry pi

I have a local setup of three raspberry pi’s and followed the tutorial on here. I managed to get my microk8s cluster running. Next I wanted to deploy Jenkins. Whenever I execute the first command: kubectl create -f jenkins-deployment.yaml -n jenkins I get the following error: standard_init_linux.go:219: exec user process caused: exec format error Some […]

By greedsin
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microk8s Kubernetes Service connection refused

I have a simple restful django project that return ‘hello world’ when you GET localhost:8000. I want to run it using microk8s. Using following instruction ( i created the image and apply my yaml file yaml file: apiVersion: apps/v1 kind: Deployment metadata: name: hello-deployment labels: app: hello spec: selector: matchLabels: app: hello template: metadata: labels: […]

By M Dara
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Parameter in kube-scheduler for clearing memory

everybody, I have a question, how can I set such a parameter in k8s via kube-scheduler, so that when the memory is filled with docker images, I automatically start cleaning? Source: Docker Questions

By midaef
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