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Memory snapshot of .net core application in docker container

I have .net core application running in docker container in Linux. But it consumes a lot of memory. How can I get a memory snapshot of .net core application, to explore it? Source: Docker Questions

By rashid khaziev 2
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does ffmpeg allocate memory and will not release immediately when encoding and decoding?

i want to transform videos to jpeg and wav as output. I wrote the programm by myself with FFmpeg-api. The video(.webm e.g.) is decoded and video and audio frames are encoded to jpeg and wav. I have alse use valgrind to test if there is memory leak. And there is None. But with the running […]

By Tangtoo
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Docker has RAM allocated after killed a process

I’m seeing the RAM occupation of my process on a Docker container, but it seems to generate a leak. I did the following steps: Create docker without running anything and executing docker stats [CONTAINER_ID] with this right results: CONTAINER ID NAME CPU % MEM USAGE / LIMIT MEM % NET I/O BLOCK I/O PIDS 0ac5cdb9d61b […]

By Paolo Magnani
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Selenium in AWS Lambda Memory Leak?

I have a lambda function that is being called every 5-10 seconds. It scrapes some web sites using selenium, chrome and chrome driver. If the same instance of the lambda container is being called multiple times; I see the memory usage is being increased with each call. I made sure driver.quit is being called on […]

How to check whether an app in Docker container ignores Java memory options?

There is a Java 11 (SpringBoot 2.5.1) application with simple workflow: Upload archives (as multipart files with size 50-100 Mb each) Unpack them in memory Send each unpacked file as a message to a queue via JMS When I run the app locally java -jar app.jar its memory usage (in VisualVM) looks like a saw: […]

By diziaq
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Is this an indication of memory leak in core 3.1

i recently come across an issue which I’m not sure if it shows that it is a memory leak. I’m running my core 3.1 app in a docker container in AWS ECS with 4 tasks (basically 4 containers). The app takes http get, put and patch requests and do those operations to DynamoDB. On […]

By sheepinwild
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docker container memory usage suddenly increase in case of error

I am running a looping python script, in a docker container. the script just loops indefinitely and gathers data (on a 1 sec interval) from a distant server via HTTP requests. I found out lately that my container is always restarting and the issue appears to be a high memory issue. from the logs, my […]

Memory leak when deploying an application to a cluster, ASP NET Core

The project is written in ASP NET Core C #, the function described below is launched. Its essence is to iterate over all pdf files in the folder and recognize the text on them. Recognition is performed using the IronOcr library. This process takes up a lot of RAM, and when running on local PC […]

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Docker long-running command memory consumption grows over time

I am trying to run a long-running command in docker and I am seeing increasing memory consumption during the command execution. I am running a test suite composed of 741 tests and 3390 assertions with PHPUnit in the context of a Laravel application. Most of those tests are integration tests which use a database connexion, […]

Docker stats show memory usage less than output of top command

I run my service app in docker container app-api Result of top: PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 6420 root 20 0 30.572g 0.028t 38956 S 47.8 92.5 240:40.95 app … Result of htop: PID USER PRI NI VIRT RES SHR S CPU% MEM% TIME+ Command 6420 root 20 […]

By Nick
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