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Can’t acces my front application in the localhost Docker

I have a front app who uses Angular-cli and i’am trying to check if it works proprely separetly before integrating it in the container core but it seems that i can’t get acces to the localhost. I’am using a macOS Catalina 10.15.7 with Docker Desktop. My Dockerfile is build like this: FROM node:14-alpine3.12 WORKDIR /app/front […]

By Zemmouri Tarek
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docker-compose up -d fails

I am unable to successfully rebuild my local. I am using the following command docker-compose up -d which fails to complete. during the docker-compose up -d I noticed cli Error so I ran docker-compose up -d –build cli which was also not successful as shown below. My colleagues are able to rebuild without any issues […]

By Jaffa
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Local dev/testing environment for macOS to run two networked O/Ses; one CentOS and the other Windows?

We have a product with three (3) components and I am trying to figure out a good way to set up an environment for local development and testing. Our components are: A "Gateway" per customer that runs on CentOS in a VMware VM running in vSphere. Many "Agents" per customer that run on Windows and […]

Is there a way to set up multiple Local Go Modules, so they can run inside one Docker container without pulling from Github?

So my goal is to set up a local development environment with multiple Go services (all as independent modules) running in multiple docker containers and one Go module, which all services can use to start a new service with connection to the database etc. without repeating this code in every module/service. So my structure would […]

By Erik Bent
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Redirect local webpage to a port on local machine

I have a few applications running on a server that have Web UIs located at for example. Instead of having to remember which port belongs to which app, I thought it would be fun to make a local Nginx web server on port 80 with links to each app that I’m running. The apps […]

By Kalmonipa
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Docker compose from previously built local image

My aim is to build a Docker Container with a docker-compose.yml file using an image built with a Dockerfile from a different project. I’ve created a "deploy" project with a docker-compose.yml that should use the image built from the Laravel project with the following Dockerfile: FROM php:7.4-fpm # Arguments defined in docker-compose.yml ARG user=villachiara ARG […]

Docker not logging into local repository

I have just set up a local VM running Nexus. I have configured a Docker repository on port 5000. I have a separate VM running Docker. I have configured the repository in /etc/docker/daemon.json as so: { "insecure-registries": ["", "nexus:5000"] } I then restarted the Docker service. and I have run the command: docker login […]

By Tom Moore
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How to run cloud-build on local?

Follow the document, I ran cloud-build-local –substitutions _ENV=${prod},_CLUSTER_NAME=${my_cluster},_CLUSTER_ZONE=${my_zone},_ISE_GCP_PROJECT=${my_project} –dryrun=false . Got error Using default tag: latest latest: Pulling from cloud-builders/metadata Digest: sha256:a83982a17dde3199640d8a35f6da80c01f5c764e9f4eb4bf80fa0a09e0f2aa13 Status: Image is up to date for 2021/01/28 15:24:10 Started spoofed metadata server 2021/01/28 15:24:10 Build id = localbuild_a948dd97-3b4e-45ce-8cf9-f280dbf7eca9 2021/01/28 15:24:10 status changed to "BUILD" BUILD Starting Step #0 – "docker-build" […]

Local hackage-server build in docker does not respond

I am trying to install and run a local hackage-server to maintaining private packages. I have followed instruction from Usage: Build the container $ docker build . -t siddhu/hackage-server Shell into the container $ docker run -it -p 8080:8080 siddhu/hackage-server /bin/bash Run the server Docker> # hackage-server run –static-dir=datafiles At the end I got […]

By Ivan Mudrak
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Access local process from local cluster

I have a local Kubernetes Cluster running under Docker Desktop on Mac. I am running another docker-related process locally on my machine (a local insecure registry). I am interested in getting a process inside the local cluster to push/pull images from the local docker registry. How can I expose the local registry to be reachable […]

By John Smith
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