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Multiple Docker Images per tag. One per digest

I have a k8s deployment that pulls an image based on the digest rather than the tag. Why? I have multiple lower k8s namespaces which all pull from the same Docker repo. I don’t want a bug fix for ns-dv to accidentally replace with an image pushed for ns-qa. So I’d like to keep both […]

By paiego
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Appian platform on Kubernetes for production?

The Appian Release Notes for version 21.4 states the following on container-based installation of the Appian platform on a production environment. Appian for Docker Containers has been replaced with a new implementation using Kubernetes. We are providing a Kubernetes Operator to manage Appian instances in your own non-production cluster using a single configuration. This is […]

By B--rian
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Docker multi-stage builds stuck between layers when using Docker-in-Docker with Jenkins and Kubernetes

Big title, I know, but it is a very specific issue. I’m creating a new Jenkins cluster, and trying to use Docker-in-Docker containers to build images, differently from the current Jenkins cluster that uses that ugly-as-hell /var/run/docker.sock. The context of the things being built is a monorepo with some Dockerfiles, with builds running in parallel. […]

how i can learn about saas multitenant application like shopify?

now I have an application and want to deploy it as a multitenant app (from the perspective of a DevOps) for companies and individuals with Kubernetes or other tools. but I don’t know where to start or the architecture that I should follow and there are no resources on udemy or Coursera that I can […]

By Osama
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How to define publish parts of ports and what are substitutes in docker and k8s?

I’m new in docker and k8s. Topic with ports is hard to understand for me… Basicly I know that we assign ports to containers for access to the container. What is the difference between publishing port: 8080:80 and (Because I’m new in docker and my question might be inexact I’ll clarify – I mean […]

By Dawid Sieczka
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K8s: deployment patterns for node.js apps with dbs

Hi! My problem is relevant with the deployment of node.js apps via k8s, architecture patterns, and connected them with DBs. alpha | beta | gamma1 | gamma2 I have the following node.js app services, some of them are scalable with app instances (like gamma), others are separate ones, all of them are built in a […]

By AlexZeDim
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Minikube exposed service url returns connection refused but kubectl port-forward working fine

I did this setup to test kubernetes with minikube ‘Set up Ingress on Minikube‘ and everything worked fine. Then I tried to do the same with my own app and am having a problem after configuring all the steps. The steps that I did to setup my app and kubernetes are: Create an app that […]

By jcarchive
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Who To Design and Implement Containerize Architecture of FRONTEND(nginx & react) and BACKEND(laravel &mongo)

I’m using reactjs for frontend with Nginx load balancer and laravel for backend with MongoDB. as old architecture design, code upload to GitHub with different frontend and backend. then i deployed on server VM (iaas). I did not use DOCKER AND KUBERNETS, I want to implement it in the new Architecture design, I used a […]

By SyedAsadRazaDevops
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How to set intellij remote debug?

I am trying to debug my app in testing environment, my app is running in pod, I said ‘pod’ because I am not familiar with Kubernetes, its manage client looks like this:app running schematic diagram. I have learn I should set idea like this idea RUN/Debug Configurations schematic diagram. And should restart and redeploy my […]

Gitlab pipeline, kubernetes runner – How to configure

I have problem with running docker in kubernetes runner. I’ve installed kubernetes runner with helm and set privileged mode to true runners: config: | [[runners]] [runners.kubernetes] namespace = "{{.Release.Namespace}}" image = "ubuntu:20.04" privileged = true allow_privilege_escalation = true I’ve created simple .gitlab-ci.yaml for test stages: – docker_test services: – docker:dind docker_test: stage: docker_test image: docker:latest […]

By nicram
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