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Helm Install from DockerHub image – DockerHub Image download fails

When running the following command: helm upgrade –cleanup-on-fail — install $releaseName $dockerHubName/$dockerHubRepo:$tag — namespace $namespace — create-namespace — values config.yaml I get the following error: Error: Failed to download "$dockerHubName/$dockerHubRepo" I’ve also tried with different tags, with semantic versioning (tag="1.0.0") and there’s a image with the tag "latest" on the DockerHub repo (which is Public) […]

Install HorizontalPodAutoscaler (HPA) using Helm

I’d like to do all k8s installation, configuration, and maintenance using Helm v3 (v3.7.2). Thus I have setup yaml templates for: deployment configmap service ingress Yet I can’t find any information in the Helm v3 docs on setting up an HPA (HorizontalPodAutoscaler). Can this be done using an hpa.yaml that pulls from values.yaml? Source: Docker […]

By paiego
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pushing the helm chart to azure container registry fails

I get the below error when I try to push the chart to ACR. Can you suggest the steps to be done here? "This command is implicitly deprecated because command group ‘acr helm’ is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use ‘helm v3’ instead." I followed this article to create helm chart […]

Dockerized GitHub action unable to pull from GHCR

TL;DR How do I get a dockerized GitHub action to pull packages from, with read access already granted to the registry, allowing calling GitHub action access? The containerized action uses valid credentials to call helm registry login and gets a Login succeeded message when called. Also, running the container locally on my laptop with […]

installing python packages on kubernetes using helm charts

I am trying to use some external python packages using pip which would let me use snowflake on apache airflow. I have a dockerfile and I am using helm chats to install airflow. Now I need to add some python dependencies to integrate snowflake and airflow and I have two ways of doing this. Idea […]

Run docker commands within pod using helm

I am trying to run a docker container within a job that I am deploying with helm using AKS. The purpose of this is to run some tests using Selenium and make some postgres calls to automate web ui tests. When trying to run within the job, the following error is received: "Cannot connect to […]

By Branden
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Deploy both front and backend using helm charts

I have a monorepo nodejs/react app that I want to deploy to GKE using Helm charts. I added two Dockerfiles one for the frontend and the other for the back. I’m using Helm Charts to deploy my microservices to the Kubernetes cluster but this time I don’t know how to configure it so that I […]

How do i update helm repo to the latest version

I am trying to update my helm repo to the latest version using the below command. The repo name is returned from helm repo list. My helm version is v3.3.1 helm repo update <repo name> but instead i get the below. Error: "helm repo update" accepts no arguments Usage: helm repo update [flags] Source: Docker […]

By eagercoder
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During the deployment process, how do you get your existing app data into an application created by a public Helm Chart for a LAMP stacks?

Take bitnami/wordpress or bitnami/drupal for example. There are millions of articles on how to run two lines of code (helm get repo / helm install my-release chart) and have a fully working new version of an app in 30 seconds. But I cannot find ANY information about how to get my existing data into that […]

Permission issue in Dockerfile Linux

This is my dockerfile. Im using helm chart to deploy it. FROM openjdk:8 RUN addgroup -g 2000 -S iuser && adduser -u 1000 -S iuser -G iuser RUN mkdir /database && mkdir /database/StagingArea && mkdir /database/HistoryArea RUN mkdir /opt/i && mkdir /opt/i/jars && mkdir /opt/i/scripts && mkdir /opt/i/config RUN echo "I_HOME=/opt/i" >> /etc/environment RUN export […]

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