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Access KSQL Server from outside of a Docker Container using a different machine (local network)

I have created the following Docker containers to run zookeeper, kafka, ksql, and ksql-cli as well. When I am running the command docker-compose exec ksqldb-cli ksql http://ksqldb-server:8088 from the same machine where Docker is running, ksql-cli can access the ksql-server just fine. However, I want to have access to the ksql-server outside of the same […]

By Md Mazedul Islam Khan
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How to configure ksqldb BASIC authentication in docker

I tried to setup ksqldb Basic auth in the following way, based on configuring-listener-for-http-basic-authenticationauthorization version: ‘3.4’ services: zookeeper: image: ‘bitnami/zookeeper:latest’ ports: – ‘2181:2181’ environment: – ALLOW_ANONYMOUS_LOGIN=yes broker01: image: ‘bitnami/kafka:latest’ ports: – ‘29092:29092’ environment: – KAFKA_BROKER_ID=1 – KAFKA_CFG_LISTENER_SECURITY_PROTOCOL_MAP=CLIENT:PLAINTEXT,EXTERNAL:PLAINTEXT – KAFKA_CFG_LISTENERS=CLIENT://broker01:9092,EXTERNAL://broker01:29092 – KAFKA_CFG_ADVERTISED_LISTENERS=CLIENT://broker01:9092,EXTERNAL://localhost:29092 – KAFKA_INTER_BROKER_LISTENER_NAME=CLIENT – KAFKA_ZOOKEEPER_CONNECT=zookeeper:2181 – ALLOW_PLAINTEXT_LISTENER=yes depends_on: – zookeeper ksqldb-server: image: confluentinc/ksqldb-server:0.21.0 hostname: ksqldb-server […]

By Kubus
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ksqlDB error: Failed to get Kafka cluster information [duplicate]

I’m trying to get ksqlDB-server working using Docker and configuring it with this guide but it doesn’t seem to be working properly, as everytime I attempt to do this command: docker run -d –network=kafka –name=ksqldb_c -p 8088:8088 -e KSQL_BOOTSTRAP_SERVERS=localhost:9092 -e KSQL_LISTENERS= -e KSQL_SERVICE_ID=ksql_service_2_ confluentinc/ksqldb-server:0.20.0 I get the following error: [2021-08-28 15:42:00,720] ERROR Failed to start […]

By DejaVuMan
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Caused by: No subject alternative names present – KSQL Docker

I have a running Kafka Cluster with 3 brokers, 3 zookeepers, schema registry, kafka connect, KSQL. KSQL is running in Docker container. The image that I am using is confluentinc/ksqldb-server:0.15.0. Everything is running without any issues. Now I want to upgrade the KSQL to a newer version. For this purpose I want to use the […]

By ssazonau
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ksqlDB CLI not working with a dockerized ksqlDB Server

I’m trying to connect a ksqlDB CLI (running on a container using image 0.20.0) but it says the [ksqlDB] Server Status is unknow… CLI v0.20.0, Server v<unknown> located at WARNING: Could not identify server version. Non-matching CLI and server versions may lead to unexpected errors. Server Status: <unknown> … which is funny since I’m […]

By Murilo Lima
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How to keep all the settings configured even after restarting a machine with confluent kafka docker-compose configured?

Here’s the docker-compose file I am using for kafka and ksqldb setup, — version: ‘2’ services: zookeeper: image: confluentinc/cp-zookeeper:6.2.0 hostname: zookeeper container_name: zookeeper ports: – "2181:2181" environment: ZOOKEEPER_CLIENT_PORT: 2181 ZOOKEEPER_TICK_TIME: 2000 broker: image: confluentinc/cp-server:6.2.0 hostname: broker container_name: broker depends_on: – zookeeper ports: – "9092:9092" – "9101:9101" environment: KAFKA_BROKER_ID: 1 KAFKA_ZOOKEEPER_CONNECT: ‘zookeeper:2181’ KAFKA_LISTENER_SECURITY_PROTOCOL_MAP: PLAINTEXT:PLAINTEXT,PLAINTEXT_HOST:PLAINTEXT KAFKA_ADVERTISED_LISTENERS: PLAINTEXT://broker:29092,PLAINTEXT_HOST://localhost:9092 […]

Mount (Volumes) not working when embedding Kafka connect into Ksqldb-server

The "volumes" mapping does not seem to work when trying to embed Kafka connector in Ksqldb Server Below is my docker file ksqldb-server: image: confluentinc/ksqldb-server:0.18.0 hostname: ksqldb-server container_name: ksqldb-server depends_on: – broker – schema-registry ports: – "8088:8088" volumes: – "/usr/local/share/kafka/connectors/debezium-debezium-connector-mysql/lib:/usr/share/kafka/plugins/" environment: KSQL_LISTENERS: "" KSQL_BOOTSTRAP_SERVERS: "broker:9092" KSQL_KSQL_SCHEMA_REGISTRY_URL: "http://schema-registry:8081" KSQL_KSQL_LOGGING_PROCESSING_STREAM_AUTO_CREATE: "true" KSQL_KSQL_LOGGING_PROCESSING_TOPIC_AUTO_CREATE: "true" # Configuration to embed […]

ksqldb-server: Failed to get Kafka cluster information [duplicate]

I’m running ksqldb-server from a docker-compor found here My kafka bootstrap server is running on the same VM in standard alone mode. I can see the messages in one topic with a console consumer: sudo kafka-avro-console-consumer –from-beginning –bootstrap-server localhost:9092 –topic source-air-input –property print.key=true –max-messages 2 Unfortunatly running ksql from docker gives me this error. […]

KSQLDB do not recognize schema registry

My KSQLDB do not recognize my schema registry and therefore i am unable to use AVRO. Any advices? I also tried KDSQL_OPTS: "-Dksql.schema.registry.url=http://schema-registry:8081" without any success. ksqldb-server: image: confluentinc/ksqldb-server:0.15.0 hostname: ksqldb-server container_name: ksqldb-server depends_on: – broker – schema-registry ports: – "8088:8088" environment: KSQL_LISTENERS: KSQL_BOOTSTRAP_SERVERS: broker:9092 KSQL_KSQL_SCHEMA_REGISTRY_URL: http://schema-registry:8081 KSQL_KSQL_LOGGING_PROCESSING_STREAM_AUTO_CREATE: "true" KSQL_KSQL_LOGGING_PROCESSING_TOPIC_AUTO_CREATE: "true" Source: Docker Questions

Error while consuming AVRO Kafka Topic from KSQL Stream

I created some dummydata as a Stream in KSQLDB with VALUE_FORMAT=’JSON’ TOPIC=’MYTOPIC’ The Setup is over Docker-compose. I am running a Kafka Broker, Schema-registry, ksqldbcli, ksqldb-server, zookeeper Now I want to consume these records from the topic. My first and last approach was over the commandline with following command docker run –net=host –rm confluentinc/cp-schema-registry:5.0.0 kafka-avro-console-consumer […]

By Derek Haynes
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