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Trying to connect to Influxdb. getting ‘Incorrect Usage. flag provided but not defined’

Here are my steps after docker has been installed: In my directory in ran following commands, docker –version Docker version 20.10.11, build dea9396 docker pull influxdb Using default tag: latest latest: Pulling from library/influxdb Digest: sha256:1a48c5c4b957b795cdf381bcf91e0d7de9edea2d9be984afbd6e4922e2e24484 Status: Image is up to date for influxdb:latest docker run -d -e INFLUXDB_ADMIN_USER:admin -e INFLUXDB_ADMIN_PASSWORD:admin –name influxdb influxdb […]

By TellyC
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Grafana query to select fields in different hours (PVPC)

PVPC is a Home Assistant integration to import the price of the energy trough an API: It creates the pvpc entity with this fields: price_00h = 67€ price_01h = 44€ price_02h = 53€ … grafana query example My question is: How can we show all values of the day 67, 44, 53, … in […]

By desegura
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How to fix Error creating multiple influxdb dockers panic: runtime error: slice bounds out of range [305:104]

Influxdata has an official, open source sandbox for their tick stack (telegraf, influxdb, chronograf, kapacitor). I am trying to modify it to run 2 influxdb containers as docker containers by modifying the docker compose. This is one step in creating an experimental TICK stack with multiple databases. Stack works with 1 database fine. But […]

By manu muraleedharan
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Not able to connect to Influxdb running in docker container

I am new to Docker and Influxdb I am trying to setup influxdb database for my project and I added influxdb container in my docker but when I try to connect to database using the command <#influx> it always shows following message [email protected]:/# influx Influx Client Usage: influx [command] Available Commands:xxxxxxx Flags: -h, –help Help […]

Telegraf can not connect to Docker sock

I try to gather some metrics about my Docker containers using Telegraf. I have mounted the docker sock to it but I still receive an error message. What am I missing here? volumes: – ./data/telegraf:/etc/telegraf – /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock 2021-10-29T20:11:30Z E! [inputs.docker] Error in plugin: Got permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket […]

Azure Container Instance with InfluxDb resets after restart

I’ve created ACI with the official InfluxDb image from docker hub. Also mounted Storage account file share, but every time the container is restarted the data of the db is lost. Like admin account, buckets, tokens, data etc. What am I missing? Initial deploy I’ve forgot to mount a volume, but not it has and […]

Write Date to InfluxDB V2 via php-Client fails – 504 Gateway Timeout

i’am running influxDBv2 in a separate docker-container. now I try to write datas to the database via php client running in a separate (php-fpm) docker-container. The php container running well and execute the php code. also the influxes. now I try to write data into the influx. When I run the code if get an […]

By michael
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Why won’t my custom Dockerfile connect over the docker-compose network when other services will?

The problem I am attempting to create a docker-compose file that will host three services. InfluxDB, Grafana, and a custom script in a customer Dockerfile that fills the database. I am having networking issues, and the custom script is not able to connect to the InfluxDB due to a connection refused error (shown below). What […]

Connecting InfluxDB 2.0.9 and Grafana 8.1.7, are the docs out of date?

I am trying to create a time series database and dashboard with InfluxDB and Grafana. This is a my docker-compose.yaml file. version: "3" services: influxdb: image: influxdb:2.0.9-alpine # influxdb:latest ports: – 8086:8086 volumes: – influxdb-storage:/var/lib/influxdb2 environment: – DOCKER_INFLUXDB_INIT_MODE=setup – DOCKER_INFLUXDB_INIT_USERNAME=myself – DOCKER_INFLUXDB_INIT_PASSWORD=password – DOCKER_INFLUXDB_INIT_ORG=myorg – DOCKER_INFLUXDB_INIT_BUCKET=mybucket grafana: image: grafana/grafana:8.1.7 # grafana/grafana:latest ports: – 3000:3000 volumes: […]

Problems setting up a docker based InfluxDB/Grafana network

My intention is to use Windows Docker to deploy an InfluxDB 2.0.8 database and link to it via a self-hosted Grafana instance on the same docker network. To do so, I’ve done the below steps: Start the network, InfluxDB and Grafana via below: docker network create influxdb docker run -d –net=influxdb –name=grafana -p 3000:3000 grafana/grafana […]

By mfcss
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