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Neo4J Docker-compose Loading CSV data at startup

I am trying to write a small python web service that calls a Neo4J database. This is purely in a development environment. I would like to load some CSV data when the Neo4J container starts. I have tried using the EXTENSION_SCRIPT environment setting to load data with a script like #!/bin/bash load() { echo "Loading […]

By avrono
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Python application and docker/AWS design question

I have a python application that reads/writes to the MySQL database. Previously, I had a single python file and it contained db connection details. However, I’m attempting to abstract it and import into multiple modules. For example, my directory structure is as follows: basedir utils module1 src requirements.txt Dockerfile module2 […]

By rohan
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Packages was installed successfully but can’t be found

Inside the dockerfile, I installed ‘click’ package with pip3 install click, checked where the package is installed with pip3 show click – got the following output when building the image: Installing collected packages: click Successfully installed click-7.1.2 Name: click Version: 7.1.2 Summary: Composable command line interface toolkit Home-page: Author: None Author-email: None License: BSD-3-Clause […]

By Oded Ben Noon
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How to import a self-made module in Docker?

I’m trying to run a Docker project that has 3 containers. Whenever I run $ docker-compose up –build the whole process goes well with no warnings or errors on the screen. The problem is that the tasks the containers should do are not carried out. When I check for the log file, it has the […]

By mendelson
Categorised as compose, docker, import, mariadb, python
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