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Multiple Docker Images per tag. One per digest

I have a k8s deployment that pulls an image based on the digest rather than the tag. Why? I have multiple lower k8s namespaces which all pull from the same Docker repo. I don’t want a bug fix for ns-dv to accidentally replace with an image pushed for ns-qa. So I’d like to keep both […]

By paiego
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Moving Docker Images from Nexus Repository to Azure Container Registry

I have almost 500 GB of Docker Images in a Private Nexus Repository. I want to migrate it to Azure Container Registry. I have tried running "az acr import" utility using AzureCloud CLI. The connection to the private Nexus Registry seems getting initiated (As I could see an output like Running……) but then nothing happens […]

By Subagchi
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Supserset (docker image aws)

Am new to superset and using the image from amazon but it seems the caching system is not working. how to enable cache system or configure cache system in superset(aws). Source: Docker Questions

By joel matisa
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Docker compose with image and build both specified in a single service

I have understood that if I have in a directory the following Dockerfile FROM fedora ENV VAR=42 CMD ["bash"] And the following compose file docker-compose.yml version: "3.0" services: build: . image: ubuntu Docker should build an image from fedora and name it ubuntu. But instead it seems it just pulls the ubuntu image (if I […]

By lucmobz
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Open an jpg image in a docker container

I am trying to install a yolov project ( on a Nvidia jetson txt 2 (Ubuntu). Since I do not have all the permissions on Nvidia, I created a docker container so I can install all the dependencies that I want in my container. Everything works up to this step. I successfully run the yolov […]

By Idash
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nginx.conf not found on docker image build progess

I have built docker image of Angular 6 + nginx. The error message shows that nginx.conf not found even I have try from different command of installing nginx I still get the same error file or directory of nignx not found. Dockfile: FROM node:10.13.0-alpine as builder WORKDIR /usr/src/app COPY package.json package-lock.json ./ RUN npm cache […]

By Chanchen Pork
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same image working on local but giving error on ubuntu VM

I have created a docker image on my local using dockerfile and when I try to run it locally it runs successfully on my local. I have also pushed the same image to a repo and then pulled that same image on a ubuntu VM, but when I try to run it on the VM […]

By dev
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custom base directory for wordpress installation with docker

I am using (slightly modified) to setup a wordpress installation with docker. Everything works, I am only missing one custom option: The wordpress installation goes into /var/www/html and I would like to change it to something like /var/www/{mysitename}/public_html – is this somehow possible with volume settings or something else? I do find some articles […]

By Thomas Hartmann
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Build Docker Images with Bazel targets Built

I have a (1) Dockerfile and a (2) C++ project with Bazel I want to create a docker image that has Bazel targets pre-built within the image, so as to when I power up new containers the Bazel targets are pre-built and I just do Bazel run //hello:hello_world from the container bash. Dockerfile # Copy […]

By Armaghan Asghar
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image maven:3.8.1-openjdk-11-slim need to have python 3 : image size going up to 800MB

For an application using base image : maven:3.8.1-openjdk-11-slim and some application level deployment – total size of image is around 415MB But needed python in that as well added with : RUN apt-get update RUN echo "Y" | apt-get install python3 python3-pip ..adding some more dev tools which require python (not more then 2 MB […]

By Varun T
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