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How to persist changes in Kubernetes? There are two files in the docker image that should update with every run

I do have persistent volume and claim but I am unable to tell Kubernetes how to save these specific files. This is my deployment file, the files I want to persist are in the container root directory. apiVersion: apps/v1 kind: Deployment metadata: name: my-first-cluster1 spec: replicas: 2 selector: matchLabels: app: scrape template: metadata: labels: app: […]

GKE problem when running cronjob by pulling image from Artifact Registry

I created a cronjob with the following spec in GKE: # cronjob.yaml apiVersion: batch/v1beta1 kind: CronJob metadata: name: collect-data-cj-111 spec: schedule: "*/5 * * * *" concurrencyPolicy: Allow startingDeadlineSeconds: 100 suspend: false successfulJobsHistoryLimit: 3 failedJobsHistoryLimit: 1 jobTemplate: spec: template: spec: containers: – name: collect-data-cj-111 image: collect_data:1.3 restartPolicy: OnFailure I create the cronjob with the following […]

How to use a Kubernetes pod as a gateway to specific IPs?

I’ve got a database running in a private network (say IP In my own computer, I can do these steps in order to access the database: Start a Docker container using something like docker run –privileged –sysctl net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 … Get the container IP Add a routing rule, such as ip route add via […]

Github Actions and Docker Image OS mismatch

I am running a GitHub action on ubuntu-latest that builds a basic elixir application using distillery. However, when the image is deployed to GKE, I keep getting the error "Unusable Erlang runtime system!" and I can see that the pod is not finding a few c-related shared libraries in GKE’s workloads’ logs: Error loading shared […]

Deploy both front and backend using helm charts

I have a monorepo nodejs/react app that I want to deploy to GKE using Helm charts. I added two Dockerfiles one for the frontend and the other for the back. I’m using Helm Charts to deploy my microservices to the Kubernetes cluster but this time I don’t know how to configure it so that I […]

How to schedule a Docker container in GCP

I have 5 tasks in my project that need to be run periodically. Some of these tasks are run on a daily basis, some on a weekly basis. I try to containerize each task in a Docker image. Here is one illustrative example: FROM tensorflow/tensorflow:2.7.0 RUN mkdir /home/MyProject COPY . /home/MyProject WORKDIR /home/MyProject/M1/src/ RUN pip […]

mv warning about setting attribute ‘security.csm’

Let me put you in context first. We execute some bash scripts in containers that run in Kubernetes. One of the scripts does a "mv" of a file, from an overlay volume to a tmpfs volume. This command has never shown any warning before in EKS nor AKS, but this is happening now in GKE. […]

How to manage google service accounts from helm chart

I am in the learning phase of kubernetes and able to set up deployments, services etc. However I have got stuck on how to manage secrets. Context I am using GKE for Kubernetes cluster I am using helm charts for managing all deployment operations I have created a google service account that has access to […]

How to containerize Python project that does not have a Web server

All examples (wrt containerization with Docker) I find are related to having a Web server or application listening to requests via a specific port. In my case, I have a Python (Tensorflow) project that does not necessarily listen to any requests. It rather includes a abc.bat file (in Windows for the time being but I […]

GKE docker image pull extremely slow with low RAM node machine types

I am deploying onto a cluster on GKE and image pulling seems to be sometimes untenably slow and also wildly inconsistent. Are these times really what is considered acceptable, or might it indicate a problem in my config somewhere? The artifact registry is europe-west2 and I have spun up a cluster (1.21.5-gke.1302) in europe-west2-a. Other […]

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